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Insure4Sport offers specialist insurance policies to cover PTs and fitness instructors, coaches, teams and individual players and participants in over 200 of the most popular sports and activities in the UK.

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Need a bit more information? View our Insurance Scope for details on which risk group your sports fit into and any relevant coach to participant ratios.

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What is a risk group?

Every single sport or activity that we cover carries a risk of accident or injury, and is therefore placed into a risk group. This risk group is the same across all categories; PTs and fitness instructors, coaches, teams, and players and participants. Each sport or activity is deemed to carry a different level of risk; risk group A being the lowest and risk group E being the highest. Lower risk sports and activities include; personal training, netball and dance, and higher risk sports and activities include; American football, skiing and skateboarding.

What is the coach/instructor to participant ratio?

All of the sports and activities covered under our PT & Fitness Instructor and Coaches policy will have a coach/ instructor to participant ratio. This ratio means that each individual coach or instructor can teach up to the specified participant limit at one given time, in order for their specialist sports insurance policy to be valid. E.g. for football, you can coach up to 16 people at any one time. If there are more participants involved than the ratio allows, the coach or instructor can designate a ‘helper’ to act as a spotter. The helper doesn’t need to be qualified, however they cannot coach or instruct.

What is multi-sports cover?

We insure over 200 sports and activities, ranging from football and martial arts to aerial hoop dancing and zumba, and all of them fall into one of five risk groups. If you play, coach or instruct more than one sport or activity, and they fall within the same risk group or a lower risk group, then you’ll be insured to play, coach or instruct them on the same policy at no extra cost. Coaches and instructors must have the necessary qualifications recognised by the UK National Sport Governing Body, or otherwise agreed and recorded by us.

Need a bit more information? View our Insurance Scope for further details on which risk group your sports fit into.
Graph showing that the higher your sport's level of risk is, the more sports you're covered to coach and play