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Why do I need martial arts insurance?

When you’re practising a fast-paced sport like martial arts, one mistimed move or lapse in concentration could cause a serious injury.

There are risks outside of classes as well. The equipment you use to train could be lost, stolen or damaged, leaving you with a costly bill for repairs or replacements.

That’s why you need specialist martial arts insurance. Insure4Sport’s tailored martial arts insurance protects instructors and participants against a range of incidents, helping you stay focused in the dojo.

Our martial arts insurance covers a variety of disciplines & techniques.

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What does martial arts insurance include?

Public Liability cover against injury or property damage:

Whether you’re an experienced martial arts instructor or have just started practising the sport, there’s always a risk you could accidentally injure someone else or damage third party property.

That’s why you need Public Liability insurance. Let’s look at some common scenarios which are covered by Public Liability…


  • You accidentally injure another participant during a session and they decide to take legal action against you.
  • You leave a kit bag lying around and someone trips over it and hurts themselves.
  • A student is practising kicks and misses their target or mistimes a move, damaging a wall or door at the studio you’re renting. A claim is made against you.
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  • You accidentally injure another participant during a session and they decide to take legal action against you.
  • You’re practising kicks and miss your target or mistime a move, damaging property in the process.

If these sorts of situations occur, Insure4Sport’s Public Liability protects your legal accountability if a claim is made against you. Public Liability is so important that most venues you teach in will ask for proof that you have it before letting you teach on their premises.

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Did you know we can protect your studio?

We can cover your studio with Buildings and Contents Insurance plus, you can add protection for your instructors and players too. Plus, we have many more cover options to ensure that you and your facility are fully protected.

You’ll receive FREE Professional Indemnity cover of up to £1 million when you take out Public Liability cover. This protects you against claims relating to advice you’ve given, if the person you’ve instructed suffers a serious injury or illness outside of the class. Here’s an example of why martial arts instructors need Professional Indemnity:

  • You give your students some ‘homework exercises’. One of your students injures themselves practising the exercises and claims you gave them the wrong information.

We also provide Participant to Participant Liability cover for instructors. Here’s a real-world example of why you need this:

  • Two students clash and sustain serious injuries. You’re held responsible for not explaining the move correctly.

If either of these things happen, the claim could go to court. However, with Participant to Participant Liability and Professional Indemnity, your potential legal fees are covered.

Personal Accident cover if you require treatment:

Even the most experienced martial artists can sustain injuries, and these injuries could be serious enough to require extensive treatment.

That’s why, if you hurt yourself while instructing, suffer a hard blow from an opponent or land awkwardly attempting a new move, it’s important you’re protected with Personal Accident cover.

Our Personal Accident cover will compensate you if you require physiotherapy or dental treatment. There’s also a benefit for death or permanent disability, meaning you’re protected for even the worst-case scenarios.

We provide up to £50,000 of Personal Accident cover for instructors and participants.

If you take out our Personal Accident cover, we offer Loss of Earnings cover. This supports you financially if you suffer an injury while training which is so severe you can’t work or earn money for a long period of time.

Our Loss of Earnings cover ranges from £250 to £750 a week of cover.

With Loss of Earnings, you can stay on your feet financially until you’re back on your feet in the dojo.

Compensation for equipment repairs and replacements:

As you’ll know, martial arts equipment can be expensive. Therefore, imagine how disastrous it would be if your equipment was lost, stolen, or damaged and you had to pay for repairs or replacements yourself?

That’s what would happen if you didn’t have Equipment cover. Thankfully, with our Equipment cover, your martial arts equipment will be repaired or replaced with minimal disruption. This way, you’ll be back to teaching or grappling before you know it.

Whether it’s training aids or clothing, we can cover it. If your item is under a year old – and was bought new – we’ll replace it new-for-old.

Martial arts instructors and participants can cover their equipment against theft, loss and accidental damage worth from £250 to £2,000 of equipment.

Employers’ Liability if you employ staff:

If you employ staff as part of your martial arts business, you’re legally required to take out Employers’ Liability insurance.

This is essential if an employee suffers an injury whilst at work and holds you responsible. It allows you to meet the costs of the compensation paid as a result of employee’s injuries, whether they occur on or off site.

Employers’ Liability for your martial arts business starts at £10 million of cover.

Worldwide cover if you want to teach or practise abroad:

Whether you’re jetting off to compete abroad or teaching overseas, it’s vital you stay protected.

That’s why we provide you with up to 180 days of cover wherever you are in the world – so you can have peace of mind and focus on the sport you love.

Why choose our martial arts insurance?

At Insure4Sport, we specialise in martial arts insurance and can provide you with an inexpensive and cost-effective policy. We have specialist martial arts insurance policies for coaches and individuals. No matter what your requirements, we can help.

You can create and buy your ideal policy knowing you’ve got the best cover for the best price, thanks to our Lowest Price Guarantee. Get an instant online quote here and protect yourself with our strong defence.

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