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Aikido is a martial art that focuses on controlled relaxation, flexibility and endurance.Similar to yoga and Pilates in that it involves the use of coordinated whole body movement rather than isolating specific muscles or muscle groups, it’s important to make sure you and your trainees stay safe. Here at Insure4Sport we offer comprehensive Aikido insurance for individual practitioners and coaches.

Trainers can protect themselves from expensive lawsuits with our specialist Aikido coaches insurance, and in the event of an injury students can get help with physiotherapy and medical costs to ensure they are back on their feet and soon practicing this martial art again. For an Aikido insurance policy tailored to your requirements, apply for an instant quote today.

Aikido risk factors and how to avoid

In Aikido, the aim is to harness the power, strength and momentum of the attacker against them, rather than fight back. However, injuries do happen. To help avoid them it’s vital for new students to learn the correct falling technique when ‘being thrown’. This is first and foremost from a safety aspect because landing awkwardly can cause serious injury.

Soft tissue and joint problems are common injuries amongst Aikido practitioners. To minimise the impact it’s important to warm up properly because it can be very easy to strain a muscle if your body is not loose. At the end of the class the instructor will do a warm down. Make sure you stretch carefully and properly during the warm down, no bouncing because this can be harmful to certain joints. If possible, take a little time after the class has finished to stretch a little bit more to improve your flexibility.

More serious injuries to the shoulder, elbow and wrist are often caused by misuse or carelessness of moves. However, they can be bad enough to put you out of action for a while.

Benefits of an Insure4Sport Aikido insurance policy

An Insure4Sport Aikido insurance policy can be tailored to the needs of individual practitioners, clubs and coaches.

If you compete in Aikido outside the UK, you can request either European or Worldwide cover to ensure that you’re always protected, no matter where you perform. Our extensive Aikido coach insurance policy is ideal for anybody that runs Aikido sessions and would like to have that peace of mind that should the unthinkable happen, you have something to protect you.

If as a result of an Aikido injury you are unable to work for a period of time, our loss of earnings insurance cover could provide you with a regular allowance of up to £750 to assist you through this difficult time. Meanwhile our personal accident option could also cover the cost of physiotherapy treatment to help you recover and get back practicing sooner rather than later.

And with our public liability cover, you are covered for third party damage if you were to injure your partner.

Cover for multiple martial arts

Finally at Insure4Sport we know that many sportspeople enjoy participating in lots of different sports – and we had you in mind when we introduced our multi sports cover which gives you cover for several sports under one policy.

For example, Aikido is a martial arts Risk Group B sport, so you will be covered for all other martial arts Risk Group B sports under this policy. Other martial arts Risk Group B sports include judo, jujutsu and karate meaning that you can be insured for numerous sports under one policy (coaches and individuals).

Having adequate Aikido insurance will give you the confidence to go out there and perform to your very best each and every time you take to the mat.

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