Insurance Summary

Below are all the different policy options you can choose from. Have a look at what each option covers and when you come to build your quote you can simply choose the ones you need.

Public Liability & Professional Indemnity

At Insure4Sport Public Liability & Professional Indemnity come hand in hand. Public Liability covers you for legal liability if you injure another person or damage third party property when coaching, instructing or playing. We offer up to £10m Public Liability which will cover you for the following eventualities:

  • Damages or awards made to a third party
  • Legal fees and expenses incurred in your defence

Professional Indemnity will cover your legal liability if you are deemed to have given negligent advice. We offer £1m Professional Indemnity as standard if Public Liability is selected. This ensures that claims made against you arising from a negligent error or mistakes in the advice or services you provide to a customer or client are covered. Because of the nature of professional indemnity insurance, it is recommended that there are no lapses in cover as it is essential that PI cover is in place at the time any error or mistake happens and at the time of any claim made against you.

Participant to Participant Liability

Participant to Participant Liability provides cover if one of your participants/players injures another participant/player during a sport where tackles, scrums, mauls, or throws are permitted (e.g. football or MMA). If you’re a coach or instructor, and you are deemed liable, then you will be protected.

Personal Accident insurance

Personal Accident insurance (sometimes referred to as Sports Accident insurance) ensures that if an accident happens whilst carrying out the activities for which you are insured, you will be entitled to compensation.

Insure4Sport provides a benefit for accidental death and permanent disablement up to £50,000 and physiotherapy up to £500. We have extended this for coaches, teams and individuals to cover broken bones.

Loss of Earnings

Loss of Earnings cover provides financial support if you receive an injury whilst carrying out the activity which you are insured and you are unable to work. The maximum benefit period for this cover is 52 weeks. There is an excess of 14 days on this section.

Sports Equipment insurance

Those involved in sport spend a significant amount of money on their sports equipment, whether it’s used for coaching, playing or for their team. Unfortunately, statistics show that millions of pounds of sports equipment is stolen each year in the UK alone. It’s therefore important to have Sports Equipment cover in place so that if your sports equipment is stolen, lost, or damaged, you will be compensated. With our Sports Equipment cover, sports equipment is replaced on a ‘New for Old’ basis for items purchased which are less than a year old, and subject to satisfactory proof of ownership. Items older than one year will be replaced on the indemnity value of the equipment at the time of loss or damage.

Insure4Sport offers unlimited Sports Equipment cover subject to a maximum single article limit of £2,500.

Employers Liability insurance

If you employ staff it is a legal requirement to have Employers Liability insurance and failure to do so can lead to a fine of up to £2,500 a day where no cover is/was in place.

Insure4Sport Employers Liability insurance enables your business to meet potential compensation costs and legal fees. Employees injured due to employer negligence can seek compensation even if the business has ceased to trade. If you use self-employed staff, unpaid employees or volunteers, you may still need Employers Liability insurance.

For full details and terms and conditions of the insurance, visit our important documents page.

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