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Gymnastics Insurance

Gymnastics is fun for those who take part and often visually stunning to watch, but as a gymnast you are probably very aware that the ramifications of not having adequate insurance cover could become costly. Gymnasts pride themselves on the difficulty level of each routine to win the approval of the judges, so a gymnastics insurance policy is a must-have safety net to give you complete peace of mind when on the floor or apparatus.

At Insure4Sport our aim is to ensure that whether you are performing,coaching or volunteering, you have the peace of mind at the event that you are properly insured.

Whether your gymnastics is simply for recreation or more seriously demonstrated in competitions, Insure4Sport will cover you for all eventualities, with a gymnastics insurance policy to suit your specific requirements.

Common Gymnastics Injuries

Gymnasts,along with cheerleaders, have one of the highest injury rates of any athletes,including football and rugby. Gymnasts need to perform challenging, strenuous exercises in a short space of time and therefore require great balance, timing,technique, strength and flexibility.

Due to the sudden, explosive movements a gymnast puts themselves through in a routine, the chances of a pull or tear to almost any muscle in the body is unsurprisingly high. The best way to prevent an injury of this type is to stretch extensively before each session and make sure your whole body is loose and ready for those powerful movements.

Along with unpleasant muscle strains and ligament injuries, whiplash injuries are not uncommon for gymnasts. Any fall from a reasonable height that snaps the head backwards can cause a whiplash injury. Dizziness and headaches are often the result, but more severe outcomes can include dislocations or fractures of vertebra in your neck.

Why choose our Gymnastics Insurance?

An Insure4Sports gymnastics insurance policy can be tailored to the needs of individuals, clubs and coaches.

If you compete outside the UK, you can request either European or Worldwide cover to ensure that you’re always protected, no matter where the sport takes you.

At Insure4Sport we know that many sportsmen and women enjoy participating in lots of different sports, and we had you in mind when we introduced our multi-sports cover which gives you cover for several sports under one policy.

For example,Gymnastics is a Risk Group A sport, so you will be covered for all other Risk Group A sports under this policy. Other Risk Group A sports include dance, netball and athletics, meaning that whether you are a coach or individual participant, you can be insured for numerous sports under one gymnastics policy.

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