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Why do I need swimming insurance?

Whether you’re teaching at a swimming pool or swimming yourself, a stroke of bad luck can cause unexpected accidents. A slippery poolside can lead to you hurting yourself or someone else, or damaging third party property. Plus, your equipment could easily be lost, stolen or damaged.

Insure4Sport’s tailored swimming insurance gives you the protection you need from unexpected accidents, so you can stay immersed in the sport you love.


What does swimming insurance cover?

Public Liability cover against injury or property damage:

If you teach swimming, you could be seriously out of your depth if an injured student makes a compensation claim against you. They could either slip over and hurt themselves or tear a muscle during a training session, holding you responsible.

That’s why Insure4Sport offers Public Liability as part of our swimming insurance. It will protect your legal accountability if any claim was made against you for a third party injury, or for damage to someone’s property.

  • Our tailored Public Liability starts at £1 million of cover.
  • You also get £1 million Professional Indemnity cover free when you take out Insure4Sport’s Public Liability, protecting you against claims arising from instructions you’ve given.

Personal Accident cover if you require treatment:

As you’ll know, swimming comes with its fair share of injuries. Before you even get in the water, you’re also at risk of slipping and injuring yourself.

Any such accident could see you admitted to hospital or needing physiotherapy for your injuries, which could prove expensive.

Insure4Sport’s Personal Accident cover makes sure that if this happens, any financial pain is kept to a minimum.

  • Insure4Sport provides up to £50,000 Personal Accident cover for both participants and instructors.
  • With Personal Accident, you can also add Loss of Earnings cover for both participants and instructors.

Compensation for equipment repairs and replacements:

Swimming is one of the least equipment-reliant sports, but if you’re an instructor, you only need to leave your buoyancy aids or armbands unattended to turn your next event into a wash out.

Insure4Sport’s Equipment cover makes sure that if your equipment is lost, damaged or stolen, it will be swiftly repaired or replaced.

  • Participants and instructors can cover their swimming equipment against loss, theft or damage.
  • If the item is less than one year old - and it was bought new - we’ll replace it New-for-Old. We’ll make repairs or organise replacements up to the figure stated in your Insurance Schedule.


Why choose our swimming insurance?

Insure4Sport’s swimming insurance makes sure you’re well protected wherever you swim. You can create and buy your ideal policy online and be confident that you’re paying the right price thanks to our Lowest Price Guarantee. Get an instant online quote here to get started, and dive into your next swim session knowing that everything is taken care of.


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