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Why do I need Karate instructor insurance?

As a karate instructor, it’s your responsibility to protect yourself and your students against unexpected incidents such as injury, loss, theft and damage.

Insure4Sport’s specialist karate instructor insurance lets you create the exact policy you want, so you can teach with a clear mind.

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What does Karate instructor insurance cover?

Public Liability cover against injury or property damage: Karate, like all martial arts, requires self-control, but there are limits to how much a karate instructor can control.

One of your students could mistime a kick, causing them to damage third party property or hurt someone. You could leave a kit bag lying around and someone could trip over it and hurt themselves.

Insure4Sport’s Public Liability cover guards you from the potentially high costs of a legal claim if these kind of events take place.

  • We provide up to £1 million Public Liability cover for £4.87 a month*, with up to £10 million available if you need it.
  • Also included is up to £1 million Professional Indemnity cover at no extra cost.

What’s more, we also offer Participant to Participant Liability cover for karate instructors. This protects you if someone you’re instructing injures another participant during a sport where tackles, scrums, mauls, or throws are permitted, and you are deemed liable.

Personal Accident cover if you require treatment: As karate is a high contact sport, there’s always the chance you could sustain injuries that put you out of action, such as sprains and broken bones.

To help you mitigate the impact of such injuries, we provide Personal Accident cover up to £50,000. This compensates you if you’re admitted to hospital or require physiotherapy or dental treatment for your injuries. We also provide a benefit for accidental death and permanent total disablement.

Compensation for equipment repairs and replacements: From your Gi to essential training aids, like freestanding dummies, the equipment karate instructors utilise is integral to the role and needs protecting. If these were to be stolen or damaged, you could be unable to teach for long periods.

That’s why we offer tailored Equipment cover as part of our karate instructor insurance package.

  • Protect your training equipment from loss, theft or damage from as little as £1.13 a month based on an equipment value of £250 *.
  • New-for-Old replacement on anything under a year old bought from new. We’ll repair/replace items up to the amount stated in your Insurance Schedule.

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Why choose our Karate instructor insurance?

Being a karate instructor comes with a number of unique responsibilities, which is why you need exactly the right cover at the right price. With Insure4Sport, you can tailor your karate instructor insurance policy quickly and simply. Get an instant online quote and make sure you're never away from the Dojo!

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*Price includes introductory 10% discount and correct as of February 2018.


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