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Why do I need scuba diving insurance?

Scuba diving is an amazing way to experience a whole variety of underwater life, from the magnificent coral reefs to underwater caves. However, there are lots of dangers that come with diving into the depths of the water and every time you dive, you’re entirely reliant upon your equipment, skills and training to ensure that you resurface safely.

Even the most stringent safety measures don’t guarantee your protection from accidents. What’s more, your scuba equipment can also be lost, stolen or damaged before, during or after a dive.

Insure4Sport’s scuba diving insurance is tailored to protect scuba divers and scuba diving instructors from the unexpected, so you don’t find yourself in over your head.

What does scuba diving insurance cover?

Public Liability cover against injury or property damage:

Whatever level of scuba diving you teach, from beginners to advanced, the risk of something going wrong in your lesson is always a very real possibility, which could lead to a costly claim against you. One of your student’s equipment could malfunction whilst underwater causing them to suffer an injury and you being held responsible.

Insure4Sport’s Public Liability insurance protects your legal accountability if a claim is made against you for injury or accidental property damage

  • Our Public Liability starts at £1 million for just £5.85 per month* for instructors and £1.57 per month for participants.
  • You’ll also get £1 million of Professional Indemnity FREE when you take out Insure4Sport’s Public Liability cover, protecting you against claims that arise from scuba diving advice you’ve given.

Personal Accident cover if you require treatment:

Getting up close and personal with aquatic life is part of scuba diving’s appeal – but it doesn’t always go to plan. Insure4Sport’s Personal Accident cover makes sure the financial impact of serious injuries is kept to a minimum.

  • Insure4Sport provides up to £50,000 Personal Accident cover, with £10,000 of cover costing just £1.13 per month for both participants and instructors*.
  • If you take out Personal Accident, you can also add Loss of Earnings cover from £2.25 per month for both participants and instructors*.

Compensation for equipment repairs and replacements:

Equipment is an essential aspect of scuba diving - so much so that without it you’re unable to scuba dive altogether. Whether it’s an oxygen tank, wetsuit or mask, if it’s lost, stolen or damaged, you could be unable to train or teach.

Thanks to Insure4Sport’s Equipment cover, if your equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, we’ll make sure it’s repaired or replaced in minimal time.

  • You can cover your scuba diving equipment against loss, theft and damage from as little as £1.13 per month for up to £250 of equipment*
  • If the item is less than one year old - and it was bought new - we’ll replace it New-for-Old. We’ll also make repairs or replacements up to the figure stated in your Insurance Schedule.

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Why choose our scuba diving insurance?

Insure4Sport’s scuba diving insurance is tailor-made to help you deal with unexpected accidents. You can build your ideal policy online and be confident that you’re paying the best price for the best cover thanks to our Lowest Price Guarantee. Get an instant online quote here to find the perfect cover that’ll keep you diving deeper.


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