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Athletics is the name under which a number of different competitive running, throwing and jumping sports lie, and sportsmen and women involved in athletics are incredibly talented at what they do. Any athlete will understand that pushing your body to the limits to beat a personal best or rival competitor isn’t without risk of injury. With each of these sports, it is easy to experience muscle strain or something even more serious which could require expensive physiotherapy treatment. For those coaching athletics, an injury to yourself could prevent you from doing your job. To help in these situations, it is well worth taking out an athletics insurance policy from Insure4Sport to protect yourself.

Common athletics injuries

Athletics covers a vast range of sports that focus on different parts of the body, from the shot put and javelin where shoulder and arm injuries occur to runners and jumpers where leg and ankle injuries are a risk. However,there are some common injuries that all athletes are susceptible to.

Athletes are prone to suffer from a quad strain. Quads are used in all athletic activities and the main cause of this injury is overuse. Usually this comes about by pushing the quad further than you would on a normal day. But it can also be damaged by irregular stress on the muscle when it’s not ready, for example explosive sprinting when not warmed up.

An ankle sprain, an injury to the soft tissues, usually the ligaments in the ankle, is not uncommon in athletics. Often known as a ‘twisted ankle’,it can be caused by landing incorrectly from a jump or even an incorrect placement of your foot in a stride.

Hamstring injuries occur when the muscle is stretched too far. Sprinting and any athletic activity that requires running puts you at risk of damaging your hamstring.

The best way to prevent any of these injuries is to warm up extensively for any athletic activities you take part in. Otherwise you are running the risk of injuring yourself seriously.

Benefits of an Insure4Sport Athletics Insurance policy

A requirement for physiotherapy treatment is common for athletes. With our personal accident option we can cover the costs of physio sessions to help you recover from an injury caused by your athletic discipline.

If your injury means you are unfit to work then our loss of earnings option will give you a weekly allowance of up to £750 to keep you on track until you are ready to get back on your feet.

If you compete or train abroad, we have both European and Worldwide athletics insurance which guarantees you the same level of cover as you have in the UK.

Our Athletics Coaches Insurance provides peace of mind that should an injury happen to an athlete you are training; you are protected against possible legal repercussions.

And finally, at Insure4Sport we know that if you like your sports,there’s a very good chance that you enjoy taking part in several different sports. With this is mind we have our free multi sports cover to help you out. Athletics is a Risk Group A sport, along with running (indoor, cross country,path, road), tennis and swimming. This means that if you take out an Insure4Sport athlete insurance policy then you will be insured whilst taking part in any other Risk Group A sport, for no additional cost.

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