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Abseiling Insurance

Abseiling can be a highly exhilarating and enjoyable activity. As far as adventure sports go, there's not much that can match throwing yourself off a rock face with only some rope to keep you safe. When you're involved in activities such as abseiling that have a degree of risk, as either a participant or an instructor, then you need to make sure that not only have you done everything possible to stay safe, but also that you're covered in the event that something goes wrong,with specialist abseiling insurance cover.

Risk factors associated with Abseiling

Abseiling is enjoyed by people of all ages, and from those doing a one-off charity descent,to those who abseil regularly either at indoor climbing centres or outdoors against challenging rock faces. However, it can be dangerous, and therefore safety is paramount at all times. Even under qualified supervision, unfortunately accidents can and do happen.

It’s therefore essential that you always wear a helmet. In addition to giving your head a degree of protection if you fall, it can also protect you from falling debris when abseiling outdoors. 

During the descent, incorrect technique or descending too fast and losing control can result in rope burns that are very painful. There is also the small risk of sudden winds blowing you away from the surface and you hitting it on the way back,which can result in bruising and other injuries.

When approaching the bottom, it’s essential that you don’t switch off because you can still do yourself some serious damage. Try your best to land as softly as possible because if you have a hard landing, you can find yourself with a twisted ankle or a jarred knee. And in the worst case scenarios, spinal and head injuries can be suffered.

Benefits of an Insure4Sport Abseiling Insurance policy

At Insure4Sport we consider every eventuality and make sure we have something in place should the worst happen.

Our personal accident option can pay for physiotherapy treatment to help you recover from an injury suffered as a result of abseiling. And should you require a hospital stay or you break a bone, we will financially compensate you.

If whilst abseiling you were to suffer an injury which left you unfit to work, we offer a loss of earnings option with a weekly allowance of up to £750 to keep you on track until you are ready to go back to work. For those that abseil abroad, you can tailor your abseiling insurance to include Worldwide cover.

Our abseiling coach insurance gives instructors peace of mind from repercussions if unfortunately anything was to happen to a student under your supervision.

And if you love other adrenaline fuelled sports, we have a free multi-sports insurance cover option. Abseiling is a Risk Group C sport, along with mountain biking, water skiing and windsurfing.This means that if you were to take out an abseiling insurance policy then you would also be covered for any other Risk Group C sport for no additional cost.

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We offer flexible insurance cover for over 200 different sports. But like you, we like a challenge, so if your sport isn’t listed on our covered sports page then get in touch and we’ll let you know if we can cover you.

Multi-coach policies

If you work with other coaches, then you could make big savings with our multi-coach policy. You can add an unlimited amount of coaches to one policy and also take advantage of our free multi-sports cover.

Multi-sports policies

If you play or coach more than one sport, and the different sports are deemed to be of the same or lower risk level than your primary sport, you’ll be insured on the same policy for no additional cost.

14-day full refund

If you decide that the policy isn’t right for you and you haven’t claimed within the first 14 days of taking out the policy, we’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

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