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Thanks to fantastic indoor and outdoor ski and snow centres, snowboarding is now practised all year round and not just on winter holidays to the mountains. In fact, Jenny Jones, Great Britain’s first Winter Olympic medallist on snow, learnt to board on a dry ski slope in Bristol. Whether you’re only going to be snowboarding overseas a couple of times a year or in a centre week in, week out, having snowboarding insurance from Insure4Sport is always a good idea, as the sport isn’t exactly risk-free.

The great thing about taking out one of our extensive snowboarding insurance policies is that you will also be covered for skiing (on-piste) so if you mix between the two, you’re still covered. In fact, you can be covered for up to ten different sports under one policy – visit our Multi Sport Insurance Policy page for more details.

Common Snowboarding Injuries

Snowboarding is exhilarating fun but can be a hazardous sport if not practiced correctly or when the unexpected happens. Wrist injuries are the most common suffered by snowboarders, making up 40% of snowboarding injuries. Despite being taught how to fall correctly, it’s still a natural instinct to put your hands out when you take a tumble and this can cause fractures and strains.

Because both feet are strapped on the board, facing the same direction, it tends to be the upper body that takes the full force of a fall. As a result, shoulder dislocations, broken collar bones, spinal and head injuries can occur. Between 10-15% of injuries are to the head and that is why wearing a helmet is strongly recommended.

Injury Prevention

Snowboarders, especially those just starting out, are advised to stock up on safety gear. Wrist and elbow guards can ease the force of falls on the joints of the upper body and the wrist. Knee pads help prevent bruising and a pad for the tailbone is also a good idea, as new snowboarders spend a lot of time on their backside. And of course a helmet helps protect your head from injury.

If you’re an established skier but new to snowboarding, remember that although both skiing and snowboarding happen on the slopes, they are very different in terms of technique. Keep in mind that just because you are a good skier, you may be a novice on a snowboard. Booking a lesson from a qualified instructor or an experienced snowboarder is a good idea for the beginner snowboarder. It will make your time on the mountain much more enjoyable.

And finally, once you’re on the slope, make sure you warm up properly, keep hydrated, take regular breaks, pay attention to the safety warnings on the slope and if your body is telling you that doing just one more run before the end of the day is too much, then listen to it!

Insure4Sport offers snowboarding insurance for individuals and coaches, so enter your details for an instant quote.

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