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Baseball is a fantastic way to get fit and can provide a fun workout for people of all ages. It is a fast-paced game which draws on a number of skills from hand-eye coordination to speed and strength. Although it's often seen as an American sport, baseball has become increasingly popular in the UK and now there are many established teams located across the country. Insure4Sport provides specialist baseball insurance policies to ensure players, teams and coaches stay safe and stay covered.

Common Baseball Injuries

The most common baseball injuries tend to be soft tissue injuries. These can include ligament damage (sprains), muscle pulls (strains), cuts and bruising.

Although baseball is a non-contact sport, the more serious injuries usually come from contact, either with the ball, bat or another player. Unless you’re batting, you won’t be wearing a helmet; and a ball traveling over 100mph and hitting you in the face can cause bruising, concussion, a skull fracture and damage to your teeth. It’s also not uncommon for outfielders to bump into each other, causing injury.

Baseball injuries also tend to come from the repetitive nature of the sport, which can lead to overuse injuries to the shoulder and elbows. Overuse injuries usually occur over a large period of time due to the continued stress on the soft tissue, muscles and joints without the required time for healing. They start small, as an aching pain, but without the required rest they can become an unbearable pain. Pitchers are particularly prone to ligament damage or tears in the elbow and shoulder.

The best way to prevent any of these injuries is to warm up extensively before any training session or match, and if you are to have a niggling injury, make sure you give your body the correct amount of rest to allow proper recovery before returning to the game.

Benefits of an Insure4Sport baseball insurance policy

If you were to accidentally injure an opponent or even one of your teammates in practice or competition, our baseball player insurance covers you for third party damage.

We also offer a very useful loss of earnings option if you were to injure yourself whilst playing baseball and it left you unable to work, we would provide you with a weekly allowance of up to £750 to tide you over until you are ready to return to work.

The European and Worldwide option available for baseball teams, coaches and individuals that travel to compete, will guarantee the same baseball insurance cover as you have when in the UK.

We also offer a personal accident option that can cover the cost of physiotherapy and emergency dental treatment if you do get hit in the face and injure your mouth.

For trainers, our Baseball Coaches Insurance is designed to provide peace of mind that should the unthinkable happen under your instruction, you have something to protect you from any repercussions.

Finally,at Insure4Sport, we’re well aware that the majority sportsmen and women play several sports throughout the year which is why we developed our free multi-sports cover. Baseball is a Risk Group B sport, along with basketball,softball, hockey and football. So if you take out an Insure4Sport baseball insurance policy, you will also be covered whilst playing any other Risk Group B sport, for no additional cost.

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