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Why do I need Netball insurance?

It would be easy to think that because netball is a non-contact sport, there’s very little risk involved. However, this is not necessarily true as jumping to reach the ball means there’s chance for an awkward fall or an accidental collision. What’s more, your netball equipment could be lost, damaged or stolen before, during or after a match or practise.

Insure4Sport’s specialist netball insurance protects teams, players and coaches from these situations, so you can concentrate on the game with a clear head.

What does Netball insurance cover?

Public Liability cover against injury or property damage:

If you teach netball, there’s a possibility of one of your players getting injured whilst in your care, meaning you could find yourself defending a costly compensation claim. Someone in your lesson could land badly and suffer ligament damage which leaves them out of action and hold you responsible.

Insure4Sport’s Public Liability insurance covers your legal accountability if a claim is made against you.

  • Our Public Liability starts at £1 million for just £1.27 per month* for players, £2.62 per month* for teams and £4.12 per month for coaches*.
  • You’ll also get £1 million of Professional Indemnity FREE when you take out Insure4Sport Public Liability, protecting you against claims arising from advice you’ve given.

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Personal Accident cover if you require treatment:

Knee injuries are among the most common injuries for netball players and often the most severe, requiring physiotherapy and resulting in lengthy periods without playing. Insure4Sport’s Personal Accident covers netball players if they require physiotherapy or dental treatment for their injuries. We will also provide financial compensation if you’re taken into hospital or break a bone. Loss of Earnings cover is also available with Personal Accident.

  • Insure4Sport provides up to £50,000 Personal Accident cover, with £10,000 PA cover costing just £1.13 per month for players*, £11.25 per month for teams* and £1.13 per month for coaches*.
  • You can also add Loss of Earnings cover from £2.25 per month for players and coaches* and £17.63 per month for teams*.

Compensation for equipment repairs and replacements:

Without proper netball kit, the matches and practises would have to grind to a halt. If any of your netball equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, your team could be left sitting on the side-lines.

Thanks to Insure4Sport’s Equipment cover, your equipment can be repaired or replaced as soon as possible, so you’ll be playing again in no time.

  • Cover your equipment against loss, theft or damage for as little as £1.13 a month for equipment up to £250*.
  • If the item is less than one year old - and it was bought new - we’ll replace it New-for-Old. We’ll replace items or make repairs up to the figure stated in your Insurance Schedule.

Why choose our Netball insurance?

Insure4Sport’s tailored netball insurance ensures you’ve always got a safe pair of hands on your side.

You can build your ideal policy online quickly and easily, so you’ll never pay for cover you don’t need. Get an instant online quote here so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is the score.

*Price includes introductory 10% discount and correct as of February 2018


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