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American Football Insurance

American Football, also known as Gridiron football, is a general term for types of football played in the US and Canada and is named after the shape and markings of its playing field. It is typified by its use of helmets and shoulder pads – but this doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen. As with all contact sports, there is an element of risk of physical injury.

Sprains,fractures, dislocations, spinal and head injuries are associated with this very physical, full-contact sport. We strongly recommend taking out an Insure4Sport American Football insurance policy, to give you peace of mind during both practice and competition.

Injury Prevention for American Football

With helmet to helmet clashes, hits to the chest and ribs and charging players, it’s no surprise that injuries do happen. But there are safety precautions players can take:

Protective Equipment

Firstly, under the laws of the game certain items of protective equipment must be worn and fitted correctly to minimise the risk. The list includes; a helmet,shoulder pads, thigh, rib and knee pads and gloves. A mouth guard will help protect the teeth and tongue. But if the worse was to happen, an Insure4Sport American Football insurance policy with personal accident cover can help with costly emergency dental treatment.


Each player needs to be extremely fit, and in American Football it is more important to be the correct fitness for your position. For example, an offensive lines man needs power and explosive strength as they only cover a small amount of ground each play. Whereas a wide receiver can cover anything up to 70 yards at a time so will need more endurance based fitness. Not having the right level of fitness can leave you fatigued and can make you much more injury prone.


Strength is a must for any football player, regardless of their position. Without strength, your speed and tackling ability are reduced significantly. When training you should train to improve your strength, but you should also incorporate power into the routine. This will help you apply your strength much quicker.


Flexibility is a component of training which is all too often neglected. An inflexible player is weaker and less coordinated then other flexible players. If as much time was spent improving flexibility prior to injury, as it is post-injury, the rate of injury would be quite a bit lower.

Benefits of an Insure4Sport American Football insurance policy

If you were to accidentally injure an opponent or even one of your teammates in practice or competition, our American Football player insurance covers you for third party damage.

With our loss of earnings option if you were to injure yourself playing American Football to a point where you were unfit to work, then we can provide you with a weekly allowance of up to £750 to keep you on track until you are ready to return to work. Our personal accident option can also help with costly physiotherapy and emergency dental treatment required as a result of an injury.

For players that compete outside the UK, we have European and Worldwide options so that you can enjoy the same degree of American Football insurance you have when in the UK.

As well as protecting yourself, you can also insure your equipment against loss, theft or damage. In American Football all the equipment can easily add up to several hundreds of pounds. Our American Football Coaches Insurance is designed to give trainers peace of mind that should the unthinkable happen under your instruction, you have something to protect you from any repercussions.

Peace of mind whatever you play

Finally at Insure4Sport we know that many sportspeople enjoy participating in lots of different sports – and we had you in mind when we introduced our free multi sports insurance cover which gives you protection for several sports under one policy.

American football is a Risk Group D sport, along with Rugby League, Rugby Union, Skiing and Snowboarding. This means that if you are to take out an Insure4Sport American Football insurance policy you will also be insured whilst taking parti n any other Risk Group D sport for no additional cost.

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We offer flexible insurance cover for over 200 different sports. But like you, we like a challenge, so if your sport isn’t listed on our covered sports page then get in touch and we’ll let you know if we can cover you.

Multi-coach policies

If you work with other coaches, then you could make big savings with our multi-coach policy. You can add an unlimited amount of coaches to one policy and also take advantage of our free multi-sports cover.

Multi-sports policies

If you play or coach more than one sport, and the different sports are deemed to be of the same or lower risk level than your primary sport, you’ll be insured on the same policy for no additional cost.

14-day full refund

If you decide that the policy isn’t right for you and you haven’t claimed within the first 14 days of taking out the policy, we’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

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