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Archery has been part of the British sporting landscape for centuries, and in fact is a relatively safe sport enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. However, if practiced incorrectly, it can be dangerous with threats such as arrows being fired accidentally off target. Whether teaching or participating in archery, you could be liable for any damage to property or serious injuries to members of the public if you do not have an archery insurance policy.

Of course, you could also be the victim of an archery related accident, but if you have an insurance policy from Insure4Sport you could be covered for compensation. Though we are unable to prevent actual accidents from happening, we can provide you with compensation in difficult times to help pay for expensive medical bills, lawsuits and property damage.

Archery injuries

The majority of archery-related injuries tend to be in the arm or shoulder. Drawing the bow back repeatedly causes stress on muscles and tendons in the arm and shoulder. This is why as an archer it’s very important to keep your upper body and arm/shoulder strength and fitness up to give yourself the best chance of avoiding injuries. Warming up your joints, tendons and muscles is essential when preparing for archery. Not being fully warmed up and loose can easily cause you to have an injury, so make sure that your body is ready for the sudden, explosive movements.

It can be very useful to wear an inner arm guard (also known as a bracer) on your bow arm. This will avoid injury from the bow string hitting against your forearm, which can cause irritation after constant movements or clothing getting caught in the bow string. Finger protectors are also very useful to keep you comfortable when out on the range, by preventing the constant movements of drawing the arrow back from causing irritation.

Why take out archery insurance?

Archery insurance protects both you and your equipment. And if you’re an instructor and an incident was to happen in a class you were responsible for, then archery insurance can give you cover against the consequences of this. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, so our archery insurance can be tailored to suit you. From individuals and teams to coaches, we have a policy for you. If you’ve invested heavily in your equipment, we offer a sports equipment cover option, which insures archery equipment up to a value of £2000 – including bows, arrows, boards and other valuable equipment – against theft, loss and damage.

If you were to suffer a serious injury that left you unable to fulfil your responsibilities for your day job, our archery insurance can include loss of earnings cover which gives you an allowance of up to £750 per week to keep you on your feet while recovering.

For archers that compete outside the UK you can add European or Worldwide archery insurance cover too.

It must be remembered that the risk of suffering a serious injury as a result of taking part in archery is rare, but despite the low risk, it’s best to have complete peace of mind when practicing or competing in archery so you can focus on putting in your best performance, free from worry.

An Insure4Sport archery insurance policy can give you just that. Get an instant quote today and benefit from our online discount.

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