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Why do I need aerobics instructor insurance?

Aerobics classes are fast-paced, high-energy environments, and with this comes the risk of you or a student suffering injury.

That’s why Insure4Sport offers specialist, tailored aerobics instructor insurance that’s fit for purpose and ready for pretty much anything.

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What does aerobics instructor insurance cover?

Public Liability cover against injury or property damage:

If an accident during one of your sessions causes injury to another person or damages third party property, you need to make sure you’re adequately protected. All it takes is for someone to trip over your kit bag or mistime a move for you to find yourself on the end of a compensation claim.

Insure4Sport’s Public Liability covers your legal accountability if a claim is made against you for third party injury or property damage.

  • Get tailored Public Liability cover from £1 million, with up to £10 million available for £5.62 a month*.
  • Our Public Liability cover comes with £1 million Professional Indemnity included for free, protecting you from claims arising from any advice that you’ve given.

Personal Accident cover if you require treatment:

As an aerobics instructor, your body is the most important tool of the trade. If you’re admitted to hospital, in need of physiotherapy or require dental treatment, you’ll not only be out of work for potentially longer than you can afford, you may find the medical bills stacking up.

Insure4Sport’s flexible Personal Accident and Loss of Earnings cover takes away the worry of losing your income.

  • You can get £10,000 Personal Accident cover for just £1.13 a month*, with up to £50,000 available if required.
  • If your injuries stop you working, we offer optional Loss of Earnings cover of up to £750 a week for up to 52 weeks, from £4.50 a month.

Compensation for equipment repairs and replacements:

Every aerobics instructor has their favourite songs and audio set up – but if the sound system or equipment you use to teach was stolen, lost or damaged, you might find it impossible to work.

With Insure4Sport’s Equipment Cover, you can get reimbursements and repairs in no time.

  • Cover your equipment against loss, theft or damage for as little as £1.13 a month for £250 worth of equipment.*
  • If the item is less than one year old - and it was bought new - we’ll replace it New-for-Old. We’ll replace items or make repairs up to the figure stated in your Insurance Schedule.

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Why choose our aerobics instructor insurance?

Insure4Sport’s tailored aerobics instructor insurance gives you the cover needed to focus on your classes without worrying what could go wrong. It’s easy to tailor your cover online, and you can be sure you’ll never pay more than you should with our Lowest Price Guarantee.

Get an instant online quote here without breaking a sweat, so everything is up and running in time for your next class.

*Price includes introductory 10% discount and correct as of February 2018.


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