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As with all water-based sports, surfing comes with its own set of risks. If you want to protect yourself you should take out a surfing insurance policy, and at Insure4Sport we have a wide range available. Whether you’re a surfing coach, in a surf team or you enjoy surfing on your own, we’ve got a policy to suit you. Even better, our policies can be adapted to your needs; so if you want to add public liability cover to your surfing insurance you can.

As surfers continue to develop new levels of difficulty on larger wave sit is only natural to see common injuries occurring with increasing regularity.Injuries usually happen just by fluke – an unusual body movement or a collision that happens by chance – but it’s important to take out specialist surfing insurance just in case anything unfortunate happens to you while out in the water.

Common surfing injuries

A common injury caused by surfing is lacerations of the feet and hands.The surfboard’s fin has a very sharp edge that can easily cause a deep cut if you are unlucky. There is also the razor sharp coral reef right underneath the majority of the world’s most renowned surfing hotspots. Just one small slice from the coral can mean stitches and even infection, so it is very important to be as careful as possible.

Another less common injury is to the eye, which in some cases can be serious.Eye injuries can be caused by an errant surfboard tip and can result in permanent damage and in rare cases, vision loss. One easy way to prevent this is to get a soft tip nose guard that can be quite cheap and be a lot less damaging on impact.

Head traumas are a risk for surfers. They tend to come from collisions with the rails, fins, and nose. Also a blow to the head against a coral reef or the ocean floor can cause a head injury. A strike to the head can lead to concussion,spinal injuries, or fractures of the skull, jaw and face.

One way novice surfers can minimise the risk of a head injury is by using soft tips on the board which can soften impacts. It’s not unknown for extreme surfers that are taking on some of the biggest waves in the world to wear a helmet to help prevent these injuries.

Benefits of an Insure4Sport surfing insurance policy

At Insure4Sport we pride ourselves on thinking of all eventualities and offering a safety net should the worst happen. Our surfing insurance offers a sports equipment option for theft, loss or damage of your surfing equipment up to the value of £2000. That could cover your boards, surf cameras, wetsuits and other surfing accessories.

We know that surfing holidays are a great way to see a different part of the world and some spectacular surfing destinations, which is why we have our handy worldwide surfing insurance option that gives you exactly the same cover you would have in the UK, anywhere in the world.

Whilst flying to those exotic destinations, we also cover all your surfing equipment for any theft, loss or damage caused during transit,therefore giving you complete peace of mind for your holiday.

And finally, a surf insurance policy with Insure4Sport can also cover you for a whole host of other sports, for free. We appreciate that most sportsmen and women enjoy a variety of different sports, which is why we have our multi sports cover. Surfing is a Risk Group C sport, along with sailing,scuba diving, water skiing and windsurfing. This means that if you were to take out an Insure4Sport surfing insurance policy then you will be covered whilst taking part in any other Risk Group C sport.

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