Why Martial Arts Insurance Is Essential

martial arts insurance

If you want to emulate Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, having specialist martial arts insurance is essential. Whatever fighting discipline you teach or practice, there’s always a chance you could get injured, or your equipment could be stolen or damaged at any time.

Here are the main reasons martial arts insurance should be front of mind for your peace of mind.


Protection against damage and injury

Even with the most meticulous training and preparation, damage and injury are always real risks when practicing martial arts. For instance, one of your students could be practicing kicks and miss their target or mistime a move, damaging third party property in the process. You could leave a kit bag lying around and someone could trip over it and hurt themselves (you’d be surprised how often this happens!).

Instances like these are why you need Public Liability cover. This covers your legal liability for third party injury or property damage. Insure4Sport offers up to £5 million of Public Liability, which includes up to £1 million of Professional Indemnity cover if a student injures themselves following advice you’ve given as an instructor.


Participant to participant cover (coaches only)

It’s not just direct injury which you could be held accountable for. If you’re a martial arts instructor, you may be deemed liable if one of your students hurts another student whilst practicing.

Should this happen, you need Participant to Participant Liability cover. This protects you if one of your students injures an opponent while taking part in a martial art that involves contact, such as throws. Thankfully, you’re in the right place, as Insure4Sport offer Participant to Participant protection.


Employers Liability if you employ martial arts instructors

If you employ staff, by law you need Employers Liability insurance. This covers you if, for instance, one of your martial arts instructors seriously injures themselves during a training session and claims for compensation from you.

To guard against these circumstances, Insure4Sport offer Employers Liability which helps cover the cost of any compensation or legal fees up to £10 million.


Compensation if you suffer serious injuries

The pace and bruising physicality of martial arts means any injuries you sustain could put you out of action. After all, it only takes a mistimed or miscalculated move for you to land awkwardly and break a bone.

The good news is that our martial arts insurance can reimburse you for this. With our Personal Accident cover, you’ll be compensated if you’re admitted to hospital or require physiotherapy for broken bones and dental injuries. If you have Personal Accident cover with us, you can also choose Loss of Earnings cover for up to 52 weeks, meaning you’ll receive up to £750 a week if you’re out of action.


Equipment repairs and replacements

As well as having accidents while training, you may be unable to train or coach if your martial arts equipment is stolen. Clubhouses are prime targets for thieves, because they know that specialist equipment is left unattended in these facilities overnight and are aware of its sell-on value.

There’s also the possibility of losing vital items like your head guard or body armour en route to practice or a class, or your equipment being damaged during use.

Instances like these are why we’ve created Sports Equipment cover for martial arts participants and instructors. This provides protection against loss, theft or damage of your equipment, whether this takes place in the home, at the training studio or whilst in use.

So, if equipment gets lost, stolen or damaged, we’ll cover the repair or replacement of your equipment on a New-for-Old basis if it’s less than a year old and was purchased new. This way, you won’t be off the mats for long.


Why Insure4Sport?

At Insure4Sport, we understand that different fighting styles bring different challenges. That’s why we’ve created comprehensive martial arts insurance which is easy to buy, simple to understand and excellent value. Get an instant online quote with us today and find out how affordable peace of mind can be.

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