October Sports News Round-Up

Rather than trawling the internet to find the biggest and most interesting stories from the world of sport and fitness, wouldn’t it be better to find them all in one place? We’ve done exactly that, so you don’t have to, and collected our favourite sport and fitness stories from around the internet this October.

1. Personal trainers on their favourite takeaways

As we all know, eating lean and cooking from scratch 100% of the time can get boring and time-consuming very quickly. When that becomes the case, who hasn’t turned to a takeaway to make sure you don’t go to bed on an empty stomach? That’s why it’s enormously reassuring to know that even the super-healthy personal trainers of the world occasionally like to indulge in a takeaway.

Coach Magazine asked ten personal trainers their favourite go-to takeaway. Not only does it give us comfort knowing that they do it too, they also provide new vegan options, healthy alternatives, as well as how to order smart at your favourite local takeaway. One thing’s for sure, after reading this story you’ll be feeling very hungry…

2. Technology: Transforming the workout

This story by the Independent explores the role that future immersive technology could have on the way we approach exercise. We’ve all lacked the motivation to go to the gym sometimes, but imagine being able to put on a pair of Virtual Reality (VR) glasses, sitting on your exercise bike and being transported to cycling up the French Alps faster than you can buy a ticket there. This could be tomorrow’s world of fitness, promising to be a whole lot more fun than ever before.

Not only could VR add a whole new layer to the sporting world – health clubs are starting to crunch fitness data, and even display people’s heart rates and progress on big screens during spin classes. This means you can race the person next to you – what other motivation do you need?

Have a read of where else technology could take the fitness world, and see what you could be getting up to in the gyms of the future….

3. The best exercises for burning calories

Finding the time to exercise regularly amongst all the other responsibilities of day-to-day life, can be a challenge. So, when we do get around to it, we want to know the best workouts to optimise our precious time.

Luckily, the Telegraph has ranked 39 common exercises based on data from the US National Institutes of Health. The researchers calculated the number of calories burned during an hour of each exercise. See whether your choice made the list – some of them you might not expect!

4. Is watching sport as good as playing it?

Watching our favourite sport – whether on TV or live – can be stressful. Which is why it’s hardly surprising that a study from the University of Montreal has found that watching ice hockey substantially increases your heart rate. For television-watchers, the increase averaged 75%, while for those watching live it rose by a massive 110%. This is equivalent, say the researchers, to moderate and vigorous exercise!

However, the Guardian points out that there has been other research showing that watching football can put so much stress on the heart that it can trigger strokes and heart attacks. What’s more, both heart rate and blood pressure stay raised for hours after the game has finished.

So have a read and find out if the enjoyment of watching your favourite sports outweighs the health risks.

5. Watch the precision skills of this paraglider

Our final story is literally breath-taking. Jean-Baptiste Chandelier is a paraglider, and one of the pioneers of proximity flying, a paragliding technique that requires extreme precision, as it involves flying in very tight spaces.

In his latest video project, Weightless, the French paraglider shows his skills and takes us from the French Alps to the coast of South Africa, the Azores islands and the beaches of Brazil. Elsewhere, Chandelier perches on the pinhead of a church spire and even walks on water while airborne, to name just a few! Words can’t do it justice so Just watch the incredible video for yourself…

Is there any fitness news you think deserve to be more widely known? Let us know your top stories of the month on Facebook or Twitter.

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