Why I Love Clubbercise


Jo Cooper, a fitness instructor and model based in Crawley, West Sussex, has quite the fitness pedigree. With credits including two front covers of Fitnorama magazine, data capture for Xbox’s Zumba Fitness World Party as well as a whole host of television appearances for programmes such as ITV’s Daybreak and Channel Four’s Sunday Brunch, Jo is at the top of her game. We managed to grab a few minutes outside of her busy schedule to ask her why she choose to be a Clubbercise instructor.

What is Clubbercise®?

Clubbercise® involves performing simple and fun dance fitness routines to club anthems including 90s classics and latest chart hits, taught in a darkened room with disco lights and glow sticks.

Why did you become a Clubbercise® instructor?

I became a Clubbercise® instructor after seeing it presented at the International Fitness Showcase. I had been looking at various programs and I am always looking to develop what I can teach but thought this was THE ONE! A completely different class; colourful, energetic and above all else, fun! I knew the participants I taught in my area would love it.


Why is it a good workout?

It’s a total body workout. It’s high energy, fun cardio combined with toning using lunges, squats, etc.

What advice would you give to a fitness instructor thinking about taking up Clubbercise training and licencing?

Go for it! It’s a really fun program. Participants really love it. I have all abilities in the class. It’s for absolutely everyone. One of my ladies comes every Monday and she is 85 years young! The music makes each class rock. For some, it’s also a welcome relief to train in a darkened room. You also get tons of support from the creator, Claire, and her awesome team of trainers.



How do you keep your participants coming back week after week?

It’s easy to have participants return to class each week as they love the class. It’s a fun escape from the normal training regime.

Do you do the class at a gym or in a hired venue?

I teach two classes a week in the local gym, and I also hold a monthly community class in Crawley’s Moka nightclub. This is where the class really comes to life! Club anthems in a club with incredible lighting and vibe!

What are your top tips for Clubbercise instructors?

Top tips would be to keep the class fresh by using current tracks as well as your old school anthems. Balance your playlist to deliver the right level of high energy cardio with toning muscle groups.

Competitions such as ‘clubber of the month’, ‘best dressed’ and ‘face painting’ helps to keep participants interested.

Create a Facebook page to involve your students! Post videos, photos and keep connected between classes.


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