Personal Trainer: Top 5 Ways To Get New Clients

There isn’t a single personal trainer or fitness instructor out there who doesn’t want more clients. Fresh faces mean busier timetables, new goals, varying training schedules and of course, more income.  New clients keep the job interesting, exciting and ultimately, rewarding.  However, many personal trainers struggle to find more clients and are often left scratching their heads as to why.

For some, it can be genuinely difficult to find more people to work with, but it really shouldn’t be. Not when you think that a full-time personal trainer only needs 15-20 clients in order to work 30-40 hour weeks – the average client will train at least twice a week.

So, here are five simple ways to get new clients.

1) Find your voice

It may seem a little cheesy, but it’s so important to be your own personal trainer. There are thousands of fitness instructors out there, all in the same boat as you, all looking for work. You need to stand out from the rest. You need to do your own thing and find a formula that works for you. Now this doesn’t mean doing something totally outrageous, after all, there are only so many roads that lead to fitness. But why not devise your own routines and specific programmes that are perhaps a little different, which make you stand out from the crowd?

Don’t be frightened to do things your way. There are too many generic personal trainers out there, and no one got anywhere by being the same.


2) Do your job well

In order to get more new clients, you have to be on it 24/7. There may well come a day when you can’t be bothered or perhaps lack the enthusiasm you did the day before. But, remember that your reputation precedes you, and clients will pick up very quickly if you’re not giving 100%. Every client deserves your undivided commitment and enthusiasm. They are the ones who have chosen you. They are the ones who have parted with their hard-earned cash. And they are the ones who could very easily go elsewhere.

As a personal trainer or fitness instructor, your reputation is vital and it only takes one bad review to tarnish that, potentially unravelling years and years of hard work. On the other hand, a good reputation can spread like wildfire. There really is no better reference than great word of mouth from your clients.

3) Going above and beyond

For a lot of personal trainers, their job with the client finishes the moment they walk out of the gym. It’s down to you to go that extra mile.

Each week, you only have a very small window of time to work with your client. After that, it’s down to them and, in a lot of cases, many don’t follow what they have been told or instructed to do. This is where you can help and show your client you are with them every step of the way. Good reputations spread like wildfire, remember!

Why not set up a time to call your client and see how they are progressing that week? How about an email address where your client can send you any queries they might have? There are many more things you can do: specific weekly training goals, nutrition plans, and food diaries. It’s these little things that can make a massive difference and show your client that you are willing to go above and beyond.

4) Social media

Creating a social media platform will help build reputations, increase your portfolio, and extend your network. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just a few examples of social media outlets that you can use to your advantage. It’s free advertising:

  • Create a Facebook page where you can upload information about classes and how they can contact you. Get your friends to share the page with their friends. Before you know it, your page is being seen by thousands of potential clients.
  • Create a Twitter page. Link up with other Personal Trainers, fitness bloggers, and health organisations. Networking is absolutely critical for personal trainers. You never know what opportunities may arise from being friends with the right people.
  • Create an Instagram page, documenting what you offer through pictures and videos. You are in charge of your content. You are in charge of what you want people to see.
  • Be aspirational.


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5) Market yourself – weekly newsletter, emails

Weekly newsletters and blogs are great ways to reach out to as many people as possible. Such outlets also give you the opportunity to explain more about yourself and what you have been up to.

Weekly newsletters are an important factor when trying to increase your client base. Letting people know what classes you are running, whether you are offering new deals or even a free complimentary induction class, will inevitably increase the chances of finding more clients. Remember, emails can be shared just like social media outlets, and the more people that see your content the better.

Never underestimate the power of blogging either. Writing blogs is a perfect opportunity to show your knowledge on specific subjects and even critique certain newspaper articles you may have read that week, which you think are misleading.   You might not think it, but blogging is a great way to showcase your talent and personality. Building a bigger client base is all about trust. The more they know about you the better.

Hopefully these tips will help you to gain some new clients and improve your service. Why not train your clients with complete peace of mind that you’re covered should the unexpected happen? That’s where you need Insure4Sport’s tailored personal trainer insurance.

With special benefits including Multi-Sport policies, Instant Cover and our Lowest Price Guarantee, you’d be silly not to get an instant quote online today!

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