Essential items for fitness instructors on the go

Whether you’re employed by a gym or working from home as a freelance fitness instructor you need the tools for your trade, and you need them with you at all times. Bodyweight exercises only get you (and your clients) so far, so it’s a good idea to have a variety of equipment in your car and in your gym bag to help you train your clients.

With that said, it’s not easy to carry around 20kg kettle bells with you so we’ve put together a list of essentials that will fit in the boot of your car or in your gym bag if you’re getting the bus or the train to your next appointment.

Essential items for fitness instructors on the go


This is a must have. If you’re walking around with a  Nokia 3310 no one is interested in how high your snake score is (ok they might be, but that’s beside the point) a smartphone will have a stopwatch, music and if you download the right apps and purchase the compatible hardware – a heart rate monitor. There are a variety of great apps out there so shop around for what works best for you.

Yoga mat

A roll up mat is essential, as no one wants to be doing sit ups on concrete floors or prickles in the grass. Lightweight and easy to carry, just throw one in your bag.

Skipping rope

A skipping rope is lightweight and easy to carry as well. Skipping gets the heart pumping and helps warm up your clients

Collapsible traffic cones

Collapsible traffic cones are extremely cheap and easy to carry. Perfect for beep tests and circuit mapping especially in the outdoor arena.

Tape measure

For marking out distances when placing traffic cones of course!

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are very light and will fit into your kit bag with ease. Perfect for warm ups and of course, resistance training, these ingenious inventions will allow your clients to perform a variety of exercises without any weights. No one wants to carry dumbbells around!

Boxing gloves and focus pads

Boxing is a great way to get your clients moving, get them sweating and work a variety of muscle groups. An essential kit bag item no fitness instructor should be without.

Your equipment will vary, especially if you have a car, so you may need some stability balls, a step and if you can, a selection of light dumbbells, but for those who are travelling light these essentials will help you create a great workout for your clients.

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