Building a rapport between you and your client

As a personal trainer, it’s so important you build a great relationship between you and your client. These are the people you will be working with. These are the people who will recommend you to a friend. These are the people who are investing their time and money in you.

Building a rapport with your client doesn’t come easy. It takes time, hard work and a lot of dedication. But the rewards are worth it.

Here are five ways to help create a better relationship with your client:


This is key. The more your client trusts you, the more they are able to open up and talk to you about their goals and even barriers that they face. Don’t try and con your client. Be honest with them. If you think that their targets are too high, tell them. If you think they aren’t working hard enough or can go even further, then push them. Don’t hide anything from your client. People are very aware when they aren’t being told the truth. Remember, trust works both ways. The more honest you are with them, the more they will be with you and the quicker you can reach the end result.

Strive for success

As a personal trainer, your client’s aspirations are the most important thing. That should be your sole focus. You should be obsessed with getting the best out of your client, and smashing through each target. Enthusiasm is infectious. Your client will want to work harder and go above and beyond not to let you down.

Going that extra mile

The session doesn’t end when your client goes home. Going that extra mile will help convey to your client that you are there to help. A friendly email asking how they are getting on, or a text with a brief reminder of that 5k park run they should be doing this morning helps build a better working relationship with your client.

It’s not about the money

There is nothing worse than a personal trainer pressurising a client into signing up to a number of pre-paid sessions. It stresses them out and creates an air of animosity and reluctance. Clients want to know that their health is your priority, not the coins and notes in their pocket. A sure-fire way to demolish a good relationship with a client is to focus on money and payments rather than health and fitness. Trust us, once they know where your priorities lie, they will want to sign up for more sessions.

Invest in them

Without your clients, you aren’t a personal trainer. You’re just a guy with a lot of time on your hands. Invest in your client. Go above and beyond. Build a relationship with each individual client. Be personable, friendly and considerate. You need them more than they need you. Once you have that connection, they will keep coming back, and even tell their friends.

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