Reasons To Take Out Basketball Insurance

Preparing for an important basketball game with your team is one of the best feelings there is. But you don’t want to feel like you’ve been played if left unprotected after an accident.

Thankfully, Insure4Sport are here to provide you with specialist, tailored basketball insurance. Whether you’re a basketball player, coach or part of a team, we’ll make sure you’re scoring slam-dunks with minimal disruption. Here’s why you need to make sure you’re covered by specialist basketball insurance for these worst-case scenarios.

Why do basketball coaches need basketball insurance?

As a basketball coach, it can often feel like the welfare of the whole team is resting on your shoulders. In some respects, this is accurate – but there are some issues which are out of your control and purely down to bad luck. No matter how experienced you are as a coach, there’s always the very real risk of injury to players, as well as damage, loss or theft of equipment.

Additionally, there’s a chance that a team member may injure themselves during a training session and claim compensation from you. With Insure4Sport’s basketball insurance, you would be covered for legal costs under Public Liability if such an instance occurs. One of your players might also injure themselves away from the court following your advice or instruction, and you could subsequently come under fire. Again, with us, under Professional Indemnity you’ll be protected from legal action.

Furthermore, you could even injure yourself while coaching a session, meaning you aren’t able to work (and earn) until you have recovered. Insure4Sport have you covered for this scenario too. We offer Personal Accident cover, which will reimburse physiotherapist costs should you require treatment for injury. We also offer Loss of Earnings cover as part of our basketball insurance, which will provide you with the funds you need while you’re out of action through injury.

However, it’s not just injuries that coaches need to be protected against. Insure4Sport also offer Sports Equipment cover in the event that your sports equipment is damaged, lost or stolen, meaning you won’t be left unable to train your team on the court for weeks on end. We’re here to make sure your opponents don’t get a head start!

Why do basketball players need specialist insurance?

Basketball is technically a non-contact sport, but players often pick up knocks and injuries, whether during a game or in training. If you hadn’t guessed already, Insure4Sport have got your back here too.

We can offer you a tailored policy, meaning you only pay for the cover you need. You can choose from various options such as: Personal Accident, which includes cover for broken bones and physio, and Loss of Earnings, which provides compensation if you injure yourself playing basketball and are unable to work for a period of time.

There’s also the possibility that your basketball equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged, which is where our Sport Equipment cover can help. On the court, you may also injure another player and they could take legal action against you. Should this unfortunate situation happen, there’s also Public Liability cover for players, which would help recoup any potential legal fees.

Why do basketball teams need specialist insurance?

Success in basketball ultimately comes down to performing effectively as a team. Whether you’re playing in a game or just practicing your skills, every team member is at risk of injury, hence why each member of the squad – from the coach down – should be insured. If your team are playing away from home, this increases the chances of equipment getting lost, stolen, or left behind. Our tailored basketball insurance can include Equipment Cover should this happen.

Injury to a team member is also a serious risk, as it can result in loss of earnings, physio costs, compensation claims or legal action. You and your team would be protected from all of this too, with our basketball insurance – offering Loss of Earnings, Personal Accident, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover. As you can see, Insure4Sport’s basketball insurance has you covered for whatever worst-case scenario you may encounter.

With this many risks involved, it’s not worth stepping out onto the basketball court without being properly protected. Insure4Sport are here to make sure you’re covered, so the only thing you need to worry about is making those slam dunks. Get a quote with us today and discover how affordable peace of mind can be.

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