The Most Unforgettable Sporting Accidents

2014 gave us another incredible year of sport with the Winter Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Cup providing us with plenty of sporting news throughout the year. However mixed with the successes were the heartbreaking stories of injury for some athletes. Inspired by the determination of some of these sports men and women we have put together a timeline of some of the most unforgettable sporting accidents of all time.

From dislocated limbs and broken bones to brain damage and severed arteries, athletes from around the world have suffered some of the most horrific injuries possible whilst playing the sport they are most passionate about. Although some of the injuries we have featured have been life threatening, every athlete has proven their dedication to their sport by working hard to rehabilitate themselves and return to compete once more.

With 4.6% of sporting accidents in the UK resulting in temporary disability, it has become clear that athletes, coaches and instructors must understand the importance of putting in place the right cover should something happen to them whilst they are playing or teaching.

The below infographic takes a look at some of the worst sporting injuries of all time and how each athlete and coach coped following their ordeal.


We hope you won’t be as unlucky as these sports stars, but just in case the worst happens sports insurance cover can give you medical and financial support.  At insure4sport we insure coaches, instructors and individuals for over 200 different sports, ranging from abseiling to Zumba!

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