Fitness apps for 2015

So many people want to get fit and lose weight but aren’t prepared to fork out such hefty sums for gym memberships.

We live in an age where social media and digital interaction has never been greater. According to, seven in 10 people now own a smart phone, so it comes as no surprise that fitness app – many of which are free – are becoming so popular.

Fitness apps can be hugely beneficial. Not only can they measure the distance of your runs, swims, bike rides, and workouts, they can inform you how many calories you are burning, provide exercises for you try as well as software to record your progress.

The competition among rival fitness apps is thriving – there is money to be made – and in a bid to win you over, many apps are going above and beyond to get you to sign up.

So what one is the best for you? We take a look at five of the best fitness apps for 2015.

Couch to 5k

For those of you who struggle to take the first step, Couch to 5k will train you from sitting on your sofa to running a 5k in just nine weeks – providing you use the app for 20 to 30 minutes, three times a week.

There are four virtual coaches to choose from, who will talk to you while you are exercising to help guide you through your training.

Although be warned, as one of the coaches is called Sergeant Block and he doesn’t look like a nice person.

Like the majority of fitness apps, there is also a GPS support so you’ll be able to map your route and calculate your distance and pace.


For those who are interested in all round body fitness, then this could be the app for you. Fitocracy allows you to work on every aspect of fitness, whether that’s strength, cardio, weight loss, group classes, sports or bodyweight.

According to the makers, Fitocracy enables you to work with trainers to reach your fitness goals. You don’t have to just follow the workouts that are given to you; you can create your own, developing your own program from a huge number of exercises to choose from, or modify and rearrange already made workouts.

This really is a social app, where you can earn points and unlock achievements. You are also encouraged to join the Fitocracy community, following how others are getting on for daily inspiration as well as providing support.

Just Dance Now

Although it’s not necessarily a fitness app, but with dance classes having really taken off in 2014, it comes as no surprise to see an app such as this on the list.

Dancing is a great way to lose weight and build fitness without the headache of having to go to the gym, running on the treadmill or lifting weights.

You may be familiar with Just Dance, as it was originally launched in 2009 on the Wii, where you had to mimic movements of onscreen dancers.

The app, which is basically the same as the game, allows you to play anywhere, using your smart phone as the controller.

It’s an alternative way of getting fit, but just as effective and a lot more fun.

7 Minute Workout

For those of you who are time poor, take a look at his app. It’s designed to be quick and easy and will help you through a number of exercises in just – yep, you’ve guessed it – seven minutes.

The app guides you through each exercise, tracks your results and even offers that little bit of encouragement.

Goals are set for you, and once you unlock each target, new ones will be made.

Although it’s not quite as thorough as some of the other apps, if you do it properly, and don’t cut corners, it can be very effective.

The Nike+ Training club

The fact that Nike has created their own app just goes to show the significance of fitness apps. The Nike+ Training Club features over 100 workouts that have been inspired by Nike Master Trainers and Nike endorsed athletes.

This app is very in depth, and its attention to detail is fantastic. You can monitor your progress, including number of workouts, minutes and calories burned and adjust programs based on your experience and fitness level.


Each app is extremely good at what they deliver and have a number of unique elements that help them stand out from their competitors.

There’s no denying that fitness apps are great tools to have at your disposal. They offer quality advice, which is clear to follow, and most importantly, easy to apply.

Out of all the apps reviewed, for us, Fitocracy comes out on top. It focuses on a number of areas of fitness, provides a whole range of programs and exercises to try, and even allows you to work with expert trainers.

But what really sets this app apart from the rest is its social network. You can sign up to the Fitocracy community and share your progress, follow how others are getting on and even provide tips and advice. It really does feel as if you are in this ‘fitness fight’ together

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