The Best Protein Bars In the UK

Protein bars have become the supplement of choice for all kinds of athletes. For many keen sportsmen and women, they have become a regular part of their supplemental regime. But there’s a big difference in the quality of protein bars in the marketplace.

The popularity of protein bars is hardly surprising when you consider that protein is essential for muscle building, fat loss and workout recovery. Plus, protein bars allow for snacking on the move. This is leading to growing demand, which in turn is resulting in a wide variety of products on the market. Some manufacturers concentrate on sweetness and taste while others focus on the product’s overall nutritional value. As a result, don’t always expect a taste sensation when purchasing a protein bar over a regular snack bar, but at the same time, don’t be short-changed by a sub-standard product.

Here are five of the best protein bars to consider:

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars

The best protein bars in the UK

Widely regarded as the best tasting protein bars out there, Quest Bars concentrate on presenting a variety of flavours, including Cookies n Cream, Choc Chip, Cookie Dough and Mixed Berries. They do taste great, but with each bar containing a 20g severing of protein, they also tick the health box too. They also include no added sugar and are gluten free, so Quest bars are a good choice overall.

Wholly Oats – chocolate peanut butter

The best protein bars in the UK

Another big hit with fitness enthusiasts, these tasty bars contain 21g of protein which is an impressive ratio when you consider the whole bar only weighs 77g. Due to their compact size, they are both chewy and dense. With a tiny 1.8g of sugar, they are also one of the leanest on the market.

Bounce Natural Energy Balls

The best protein bars in the UK

Bounce Natural Energy Balls are the go-to snack for many a fitness coach for good reason. They have a lot going for them: protein, fibre, antioxidant nutrients and a great flavour too. The Coconut and Macadamia flavour is one of the nicest because it’s light and not too sweet, which makes it perfect for refuelling post-workout.

Protein Delite Bars

The best protein bars in the UK

The USN Protein Delite Bars offer fitness fanatics a delicious ‘Lion Bar’ taste whilst providing a healthy supply of protein. These popular protein bars contain up to 30g of high-quality protein, and also provide you with an advanced Whey Protein Isolate. The one drawback is the amount of sugar – 11g.

Reflex Nutrition R Bar

The best protein bars in the UK

Created in Reflex’s bespoke factory in Sussex, each bar contains 20g protein and an impressive 9g-10g of fibre plus healthy fats and antioxidants. No artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives are used either. With just six flavours, these newly-launched bars don’t quite have the variety of Quest, but they have been a success in their first year with tasters drawing attention to their soft texture.

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