How Personal Trainers Can Deal With The January Influx

The month of January is a time when gyms across the land will be packed with newcomers desperate to make a positive change to their lifestyle. While this tends to annoy the regular gym goers, gyms and personal trainers (PTs) know it’s a great opportunity and one that shouldn’t be wasted.

At Insure4Sport, we speak to our gym and PT insurance policyholders regularly. So, here are few tips they’ve given us on how to deal with and make the most of the January influx:

Be prepared

Remember that every other gym, personal training studio and instructor is also on the hunt for new customers in January, so you need to stand out. Prepare some marketing material which differentiates you from your rivals and think outside the box when it comes to marketing. Why not try a social media campaign for instance? It’s also worth taking a close look at your insurance and seeing if everything is in order (more on that later).

Think more about talking than training

There are going to be a lot of nervous people hoping to talk to you and even if that isn’t your strong point, be prepared to listen and be patient. Remember it’s quite acceptable to charge an assessment fee for these meetings, but think about absorbing this into an overall cost package if the client signs up.


Think about grouping your clients

In order for you to maximise your income and cope with as many clients as possible, you may have to consider grouping them together. Remember that people are always looking for ways to save money, so by grouping them you can offer more affordable options. New clients may not fit into your current work pattern, but by grouping them with other inexperienced gym goers you’re increasing your income and protecting your time if any of them pull out.

Set some realistic goals and be wary of burnout

Making hay while the sun shines might be tempting in January, but be wary of burnout. Decide exactly how many clients are manageable and try and map out how your new workload will look. Factor in everything from your commute, lunch, breaks and of course training time. Decide how much work you can realistically take on without the quality of your work or your own health suffering.

jan influx

Be patient and open minded

For much of January, an instructor will also double up as a counsellor. Be prepared to deal with all sorts of unusual questions and queries from nervous ‘newbies’. You’ll probably require some patience too when dealing with the gym regulars whose lack of empathy with new gym goers is well-known.

Don’t be disappointed if numbers drop off

It’s a fact of life in the gym that most people who begin a new fitness programme in January will have given up by April, so don’t be dismayed if your numbers deplete. By taking on a few of these tips you can concentrate on those committed to their health and remember there’s always next year!

As a personal trainer, you will need to provide training advice and care for each of your clients, helping them to get fit but also giving them advice on doing so in a safe manner. Insure4Sport is here to offer specialist insurance for personal trainers, to ensure that you, your clients and any equipment you may use are covered for any possible accidents. Personal Trainers have a duty of care to their clients, and for this reason, all personal trainers should consider taking out a dedicated specialist insurance policy.

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