Eight must-have items for martial arts

Enrolling in a martial arts school can be an incredibly rewarding thing to do. But understandably, you’ll have a few concerns about what equipment and uniform to take with you to your first session.

One of the great things about martial arts is that it doesn’t cost too much to get started when compared with a number of other sports and activities. Initially for martial arts training (depending on the discipline of course) you will need a uniform often called a ‘gi’. Once you get serious, it’s time to start thinking a bit more about what you need to really progress and enjoy your chosen martial arts. Here are a few general tips:

A quality mouth guard

A quality mouth guard is a great asset. A well-fitted guard will keep your jaw locked in the proper position and prevent it getting knocked to the side, which is when some serious damage such as dislocation can occur.

Plenty of experienced martial artists will tell you the one time they forgot to put their mouth guard was the time they got a chipped tooth. Probably your best option is to get one custom made by your dentist but there are plenty of cheaper options out there.

Athletic tape

Injuries will always happen when you’re taking part in sport, especially in a contact sport like martial arts. The chances are that not everyone will pack some in your kit bag, so be the hero if something does go wrong and pack a couple of rolls in your bag.

Head guard

This is very much dependent on the martial art you’re taking part in, but if it in any way involves sparring with the potential to get hit in the head it’s important that you have some protection. Get a guard that is adjustable and choose a reputable brand.

Shin pads

There are two types of shin guards to choose from. Grappling shin guards fit inside a sleeve and allow you to slip them on easily. Striking shin guards usually fit on with a Velcro strap or buckle.

Knee pads

Your knees come under a lot of pressure when you’re rolling around on the mat, so investing in extra padding and support could help you if you want to look after your joints. It’s worth calling your instructor ahead of your first session to ask whether this sort of padding is worth wearing for their particular session.

Groin guard

Some martial artists don’t like wearing a groin guard as it can dig into your legs and get in the way of movement. But if you pick one that combines strength and flexibility, it’s worth considering.

Liniment oil

Many martial artists swear by the use of liniment oil and you’ll be able to smell its unforgettable odour at any training session. Its popularity stems from its ability to provide pain relief and relax muscles.

If used before a workout, liniment oil allows athletes increase the intensity of their training sessions faster. This is because it allows the muscles to relax and prevent stress and strain injuries. Used post-workout, it provides a soothing, warming sensation for hours and is a must for any serious athlete who wants to train and compete at the peak of their potential.

Pen and notepad

If you want to improve at any sport it’s worth taking notes. Watch and learn from your fellow competitors and then note down any tips and advice you pick up at a training session. Knowledge is power.

How Insure4Sport can help you take part in martial arts

Martial arts covers a wide range of fighting disciplines from Karate and Judo to Kendo and Taekwondo, all of which take many years to master. Over recent years, interest has risen in martial arts, as has the need to make sure you are properly covered.

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