Matt’s 12 stone challenge – Early Improvements

It’s been nearly a month since I last wrote about my challenge and I’m pleased to announce that things are going really well. My fitness has vastly improved in the last four weeks, which I think is down to setting myself regular targets to beat, and being motivated to achieve them and by pushing myself to beat these targets.

I have being focusing my cardiovascular training into four main areas in the gym;

  • Treadmill
  • Cross-trainer
  • Rowing machine
  • Cycling machine

I’ve found that splitting up my cardio training has really helped, doing a bit on each machine can mean you do a lot more exercise than if you had just stayed on the one machine, but it seems to feel less as you are using different parts of the body on each machine and having short breaks in between also helps massively.

I have seen massive gains in my fitness. Eight weeks ago when I joined the gym, I was struggling to run for more than half a mile, whereas just last night for example, I did:

  • 3 mile run (27 mins)
  • 3 mile cycle (11 mins)
  • 1 mile cross-trainer (7 mins)

From the weight gain perspective, things are moving upwards, but slowly! Because I’ve been doing a lot of cardio training to regain my general fitness, along with my extremely high metabolism this  has meant that although I have been ‘bulking’ I have only gained 1.5kg in the last four weeks, which is less than I was expecting due to the amount of food I am taking in each day.

I feel a lot stronger in all areas of my body than I did eight weeks ago, for example, when I first joined I was doing three sets of 10 at 20kg on the chest press, whereas now I vary between three sets of 15 at 40kg and three sets of 10 at 45kg.

I have been ‘bulking’ by going well over the recommended 2500kcal on a daily basis but not eating any junk food at all. I have been having at least one protein shake a day, with an additional one on gym days to aid recovery.

This means that on a normal day when I’m not at the gym I am taking on anywhere between 3000-4500kcal, but on a day when I do go to the gym I am taking on anywhere between 4000-5000kcal.

Having taken advice from fellow users of the gym, I am told that it won’t be easy (to gain weight whilst doing a lot of cardio) but I need to persevere and eat as much as possible, clean calories when possible.

I’m sure with Christmas coming up; I will be eating a lot of food which should definitely help!

As always, any advice any of you may have would be greatly appreciated.

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