FAQs: How Does Coronavirus Affect Your Sports Insurance?

Am I covered to train clients online?

Under the terms of your Insure4Sport policy, you will be covered if you train your clients or conduct your classes online. We’re also delighted to announce that, in response to the current situation, we have taken steps to enhance this cover for you at no extra charge.

Where previously we only covered you to teach up to six people in an online session, regardless of the ratio outlined in your Insurance Scope, we have now enhanced this cover so that the coach to participant ratio for your sport now applies to online sessions. However, where the ratio is Unlimited, this will be a ratio of 1:30 for online sessions, meaning you can teach up to 30 participants in one session.

Online training is permitted for all sports within Risk Group A, as well as non-contact Martial Arts sports.

Live two-way sessions which involve leading or coaching a two-way session are permitted with your clients. However, any new clients must go through the normal onboarding process before training with you, e.g., by filling out a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q).

Please note that the activities you carry out must be completed within the UK, i.e., you must be based in the UK.

However, we will cover online clients from abroad, with the exceptions of the USA and Canada.

An important disclaimer

If you want to hold sessions using pre-recorded footage or public one-way streaming such as Facebook Live, YouTube, or Instagram, all of this is permitted. However, you need to include the below disclaimer at the beginning of each recording:

“You accept responsibility for providing all of your own equipment, clothing and footwear and the instructor will not accept any liability arising out of defective equipment.

“You acknowledge that the instructor is not present with you and cannot make an adequate assessment of the area where you are exercising and it is your responsibility to ensure the area is clear, safe, and free from any hazards which may cause injury to yourself or to others.

“You acknowledge that you are responsible for exercising within your own skill and fitness levels. If at any time you feel the moves you are completing are above your current skill level you must cease immediately. Likewise, if you feel any discomfort, pain, sickness or dizziness you will immediately stop the activity.”

What isn’t covered when training online

  • Any exercises where participants are suspended above the floor i.e. aerial hoop and rings.
  • Any exercises where participants are completing gymnastic moves such as handstands, cartwheels, and somersaults.

What are the other conditions of my cover if I’m teaching clients online?

These are the conditions of the cover:

  • Before you start the class you must ensure:
    • Participants have checked the area where they’re working and have made sure there are no obstacles or hazards.
    • Participants are fit and well enough to complete the class.
    • Any equipment used by the participant is being used correctly and in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • The activities must be completed within the UK, i.e., you must be based in the UK.
  • We will cover online clients from abroad, with the exceptions of the USA and Canada.

Can I teach pole fitness online as this is a Category B sport?

We are pleased to announce we are also extending our cover for our pole dance and pole fitness instructors to continue their sessions online. There are a few conditions to the these sessions which are outlined below:

  • Acceptable activities are limited to floor work and “Slow Flow” exercises.
  • No inverted manoeuvres or handstands are to be instructed.
  • The participant’s lowest part of the body must be no more than 1 metre above the floor at any time.
  • Heels are not permitted to be worn.
  • The class must be appropriate to the client’s skill level.
  • You must train existing clients only and where there is a PARQ form on file.
  • Pre-recorded video meeting the above criteria can only be shared privately with existing customers.
  • The live streaming ratio is limited to 1 instructor to 6 participants.
  • The poles must be purchased from a professional manufacturer and installed as per the manufacturer guidelines. The instructor does not accept any responsibility for faulty/defective equipment or incorrect installation.

Am  I covered to train or teach outdoors?

The government continues to update its guidance, however each country within the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and NI) have adopted a slightly different approach which makes it very important that policyholders and their clients study the guidance issued for their area.

If you are not following the current government advice regarding contact with others, social distancing and meeting other people then your claim may not be covered.

However, as long as you are following the government advice and you are complying with the appropriate policy terms and conditions, then your normal policy cover will operate.  

If I am training or teaching outdoors what do I need consider?

  • Where you are permitted to meet other people you must follow social distancing guidelines
  • You should consider whether you need to check with the owner of the land you are using (e.g. local council) as to whether you are permitted to use the space or whether any local licencing is needed
  • You should try to encourage clients to use their own equipment and you should avoid touching the equipment. If they are using equipment supplied by you, you should ensure it is properly cleaned and disinfected before every use
  • You should carry out a risk assessment of the space, equipment and activities you are planning, particularly if the ground is uneven or wet as well as identifying any hazards. Best practice would also include documenting and recording this risk assessment. If clients are using their own equipment remember to ask them to confirm the equipment has been properly maintained by them and is safe and appropriate to use – record and document this.
  • You should carry out a one to one health and risk assessment with anyone you are teaching and best practice would include documenting this along with any appropriate disclaimers or questionnaires (e.g. recording and assessing any pre-existing health conditions)
  • You should always ensure your clients are satisfied that their own personal health condition is adequate to be carrying out the activities you are planning to do, again best practice would be for them to sign and record their acceptance of this before commencing any activities
  • If the weather changes or you feel the activities or area becomes unsafe for any reason, do not proceed with the activities.

Any planned sessions should be cancelled and not take place if you or your clients are required to self-isolate under the government guidelines (e.g. if you, they or any member of the family household are exhibiting symptoms of Coronavirus or if guided to by government advice including the NHS contract-tracing Covid-19 App).

Am I covered under Loss of Earnings?

Many of you have enquired about whether Loss of Earnings cover will protect you if the coronavirus outbreak prevents you from working or attending your place of work.

Unfortunately, Loss of Earnings only covers you for physical injuries sustained while carrying out the activity for which you’re insured – not personal illness or consequent income loss from quarantine procedures.

However, if it’s possible with your insured activity, it might be worth asking your clients if they’d be open to training via live video call or Skype in the interim. They probably won’t like the idea of a break to their routine either and live online training can be just as effective as training in person, as we’ve written about before. Better yet, the terms of your insurance policy will still apply.

Am I covered under Public Liability if a client/participant gets Coronavirus and makes a claim against me?

It is extremely unlikely and difficult to envisage a situation where a third party could successfully sue you for contracting Covid19. For them to claim damages, it would require the other party to prove where they contracted it from (i.e. you were the sole possible source of transmission) AND that you had been negligent in passing it to them during the course of your activities insured under this policy. In the unlikely event a claim was made against you, your policy cover would, subject to the terms of the policy, provide indemnity to you to defend such a claim.

Am I covered if I’m running coaching sessions in schools which are open for children of key workers?

Yes, you are still insured.

Any other questions about your policy?

If you have any other questions regarding your insurance and what you’re covered for, please log in to your online account. From here, you’ll be able to access all your insurance documentation and this will explain the conditions of your policy in more detail.

If you are having severe financial difficulty as a result of COVID-19, we have a number of options that may be available to you including payment deferrals. Please contact us and we can discuss the possible options with you.

Existing customers should call 0333 400 9429 or email us at admin@insure4sport.co.uk (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5:30pm). 

In case you’ve missed our emails

We’ve had reports of our emails not getting through to our policyholders. In the first instance, we would advise that you check your spam folders, in case our email has gone there. However, if you still haven’t received the email, please click the link below.


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