English Commonwealth Games Finalist, Martyn Bernard tells us – “Glasgow put on a great show and the support from the crowds was fantastic!”

How did you find the Games?

This has been my third Commonwealth Games and it has been a fantastic experience from start to finish.

Glasgow put on a great show and the support from the crowds was fantastic.

You came 5th in the high jump final, are you pleased with your performance?

I felt great on the night and felt I could have jumped higher than I did.

Although I didn’t quite achieve what I hoped I am proud of my performance and hope I can use the experience to build towards the future.

Were the Glasgow crowds good as they said?

They really were. The support for all the home nations was brilliant.

What was the highlight for you at The Games?

For me the opening ceremony, it was filled with excitement and anticipation of what was to come.

That and the Queens reaction to the delayed opening of the baton was classic.

What’s life like in the athlete’s village?

It’s quite chilled, at times it can be a bit strange bumping in to people you have just seen performing on TV.

It’s a fun place to be, everyone has a similar goal and focus.

Also everything is free which is great, although it might take some getting used to when I have to leave.


Brief explanation of how you prepared on the day of the final?

The final was in the evening so I hydrated in the morning with water and isotonic drinks.

I don’t like to eat too much on the day of competition; I had a late lunch which consisted of chicken and salad with some fruit afterwards.

My main preparations came from lying in bed visualising what I was going to do come the start of the event.

How many games of cards did you had on the floor?

In Melbourne there was a lot of waiting around so a game of chase the ace broke out while in the opening ceremony.

There was far less waiting around in this one so no cards played this time around… still some time left though, maybe at the closing ceremony.

Tell us a bit about the pride in representing your country?

It has been amazing to compete for England again, especially within the UK.

I have loved every minute, the excitement and anticipation in the run up to my event. The roar of the crowd and the support of everyone there and back at home.

Your one biggest tip to any aspiring athlete hoping to one day represent their country?

Make sure you enjoy your sport/ event, enough to put untold hard work and hours in to it.

If you love it enough, and work hard enough at it, the rewards will come.

Will we see you again at Rio 2016?

I hope so. Keep an eye out for me

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