Do go to the gym – don’t fail like these guys

Multi-tasking is a must
Things can get pretty boring at the gym when you’re not actually on the bench or doing some cardio work. Why not make the most of your downtime by checking out who else is working out – a great pastime when you’re also spotting for your workout partner. Don’t worry, they’ll manage fine on their own.







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Inductions are for wimps
A lot of gym equipment is actually pretty straightforward to use correctly – gym balls, weights, running machines etc. Most of the time it’s probably not even worth finding out how they work before getting stuck in.









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One foot in front of the other right?
Running, how difficult can it be? When using a treadmill it’s better to go straight out of your comfort zone rather than mess about with jogging and building up speed. If you want to get lean you’ve gotta go mean yeah?











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Injuries – not for me thanks!
If you’re starting off doing weights then it’s probably best to go heavy or go home. It’s very unlikely you’ll pick up an injury by pushing yourself beyond your limit.










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Everyone loves jumping in puddles
Don’t make this woman’s mistake and take a towel to the gym. OK, sweating is natural when you’re going hard at it but that doesn’t mean you have to start mopping it up and cleaning down equipment. The next person to use your machine will be glad to know you’ve been pushing yourself and no doubt they’ll be keen to get close to your sweat. Do the right thing, leave a puddle.


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Don’t bottle it all up
Most people who use gyms love to see someone really getting into their workout. Animal howls, primal screams and prolonged throaty grunting are not only appreciated in most gyms but positively encouraged. You wanna shout? Well let it all out!









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