5 Reasons Dance Teacher Insurance Is Essential

When your mind is focused on helping your students nail dance moves, it’s easy to forget you need dance teacher insurance if something goes wrong. However, without it, you could find yourself in a precarious position. Here are five reasons dance teacher insurance is essential.

Injury to your students

The risk of injury is arguably the main reason you need specialist insurance if you teach dance. If you’re a dance teacher, the risk of injury to one of your students needs to be taken seriously.

When practising complex dance moves that require precise execution, there’s a chance one of your students could get injured. If this happens, you could end up paying compensation or legal fees if you don’t have the right cover.

Here are a few instances which could result in injury (including some real-life examples of claims we’ve received!):

  • You’ve not carried out a thorough risk assessment of your working area. There is moisture/water on the studio floor, and someone slips over.
  • You’re carrying out some warm-up exercises, and a student doesn’t stretch properly.
  • You’ve taught a student a dance move, but their execution of this move is incorrect.
  • A student trips over a sound system or wires during a class.

If any of the above takes place, you could be held responsible. What’s more, you could be the receiving end of a potentially costly compensation claim.

Damage to property

As well as injury to students, property damage needs to be taken into consideration when you’re teaching dance.

Using another real-life example, if you rented out a church for your dance classes and damage occurred to the floor during the class, the church could make a claim against you. If you are held responsible, you would be liable for damages.

That’s why dance teachers need Public Liability insurance in the event of property damage and injury to another person.

It also covers potential damages paid to a claimant, as well as legal fees and expenses incurred in your defence.

Such is the importance of Public Liability insurance that most venues will ask for proof that you have it before allowing you to hold sessions.

When you take out Public Liability insurance with Insure4Sport, you will also get £1m Professional Indemnity cover as standard. This protects you if you are deemed to have given negligent advice.

Injury to yourself

It’s not just the well-being of your students you’ve got to think about. Even if you’re an experienced dancer, there’s a chance you could injure yourself while training or teaching and be unable to work due to your injuries.

Due to the repetitive movements within dance and the strain you put on tissues such as the tendons, you could suffer a range of injuries during your career.

For example, you could get Achilles tendonitis. This injury can require extensive surgery and can keep you out of action for as long as six weeks.

Not having the right cover in this instance not only means losing income, it might mean having to pay for treatment yourself if there is a long NHS waiting list.

Therefore, if you injure yourself, you will need Personal Accident cover. Personal Accident cover compensates you if you break a bone, require hospitalisation, need physiotherapy or require dental treatment for your injuries.

If you take out Personal Accident cover, we offer Loss of Earnings up to £750 a week for up to 52 weeks. This way, you’ll be supported if you’re out of action following an accident when teaching.

Equipment loss, theft or damage

The risks of being a dance teacher stretch beyond sessions with your students. A number of things can happen to your equipment which could leave you unable to teach:

  • The sound system you use to stream songs could be stolen from your car.
  • You could drop your sound system and damage it.
  • Someone could break into the studio you use when it’s locked and steal your equipment.

Thankfully, Equipment cover is designed for these exact scenarios. It protects you against the loss, theft or damage of your equipment, whether this takes place at home, at work or during a class.

Having Equipment cover means you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket for repairs or replacement equipment. As a result, you can get back to teaching dance as soon as possible.

Injury to your employees

If you employ staff, by law you need Employers’ Liability insurance. This covers you if one of your dance instructors injures themselves during a training session and tries to claim compensation from you.

To guard against these circumstances, Employers’ Liability helps cover the cost of any compensation or legal fees, ensuring you’re not out of pocket if one of your employees suffers an unfortunate accident.

Insure4Sport’s dance teacher insurance covers you against all of these scenarios, so you can focus on your passion. Get an instant online quote with us today.

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