Boxing equipment essentials: 8 key items for your kit bag

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Boxing might be one of the world’s oldest sports, having been an Olympic sport since 688 B.C, but it’s essentially the same today as it was back then. Apart from equipment used, that is.

Instead of fighting with bare fists, boxers now wear gloves and very often a head guard. The training regimes and nutrition plans of top boxers have evolved significantly too. But still, the action taking place within the ring is as raw and compelling as it has ever been.

So if you’re thinking of giving the sport a try, where do you start? If about to head to your first boxing session, here’s what you’ll need in your kit bag:

✔️ Gym bag

It may seem obvious but you need a robust gym bag that can take a beating. Your gym bag or holdall might be used every day and it needs to be big enough to carry the kit listed below plus a change of clothes.

✔️ Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are one of the most important parts of your boxing kit bag. Make sure you have gloves with ventilated foam to your keep hands cool and safe.

✔️ Hand wraps

Hand wraps help protect your hands and wrists from injury. You can buy wraps that have a Velcro fastener making it easier to ensure they are wrapped up properly. Make sure you wrap your hand whenever you are hitting a punch bag or taking part in a fight.

✔️ Head guard

For beginner sessions, it’s unlikely you’ll progress into full body sparring. But when you’re ready to, protecting your head is a priority. You may not need a head guard for every training session but you should always have it in your bag. Head guards should offer head and cheek bone protection. Most head guards are one size fits all and have an adjustable lace loop.

✔️ Mouth guard

This is another essential item you’ll need to progress into full body sparring. Your trainer will require you to wear both a head and mouth guard. This important piece of kit not only protects your teeth but the soft tissue around the mouth and it can help prevent concussion.

✔️ Skipping rope

Skipping is not just for school girls. Many expert trainers believe that skipping or speed rope is one of the most effective fitness tools for boxers. Skipping can improve your endurance, balance and footwork. Some gyms provide skipping ropes for their boxers, but others don’t, so for the sake of a few pounds it might be wise to bring your own.

✔️ Towel

Boxing is a sweaty business, so you’ll want to keep a clean towel in your bag at all times. Both you (and possibly your gym mates) will be glad you brought a towel along to wipe it all away. And of course, you will also need one to dry off after your post-workout shower.

✔️ Boxing insurance

This may not live in your kit bag but whether you are an amateur boxer or trainer having the right kind of insurance is paramount. Boxing is a high-risk sport and Insure4Sport can give you peace of mind ensuring you are covered for personal injury and loss, theft or damage of your equipment. Visit our homepage or click the following link to get boxing insurance today.

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