Bounce your way to fitness

Want to get fit? Well step aside spin sessions, running regimes and Insanity classes. There’s a new kid in town, the trampoline.

You may not think it, but bouncing up and down on a bit of stretchy material is a fantastic way to get fit. Not only that, but it’s tremendous fun.

Ok, so it may take some getting used to. After all, the only time where we really see a trampoline is in someone’s back garden and even then it’s full of children – no place for the serious adult and their water bottle.

You can purchase mini trampolines or rebounders, which are more tailored for those who want to get fit and lose weight. But before you part with your money, it’s worth finding out more about trampolines and how they can help you with your fitness.

Check out our five reasons why you should give trampolining a go:

Low impact: For those of you who suffer from joint issues and arthritis, a trampoline is a great way to get fit without causing further damage or injury.  Jumping up and down may look like a lot of impact is put through your body, but the trampoline pad soaks up the majority of the shock unlike hard surfaces such as the road, which really puts your ankles, knees and hips under enormous strain.

Cardiovascular improvements: The repetitive jumping up and down will help increase muscle strength and fitness. It’s an aerobic exercise, which encourages your heart and lungs to work harder to get oxygenated blood to the working muscles.

Bone health: While trampolining won’t put your joints at risk – the pad reduces shock – there is enough repetitive force to help improve your bone health. As we get older, our bones become brittle, and they require force to help create new bone tissue. A trampoline will help.

Brain training: Jumping up and down on a trampoline requires coordination, concentration and mental alertness. You also need to have balance and good reaction skills as your body leaves the pad. Your landing will affect how you spring back up, so anticipation is very important. Just like you would with fitness and skills you can train your mind and a trampoline is very effective at doing that.

Toned, strong muscles: While the pad helps propel you into the air, the majority of the force has to come from you. Your core, gluteal muscles (bottom), thighs and calves generate explosive power each time you prepare to take off. They will also work hard when landing, cushioning impact and maintaining balance. A trampoline is a sure fire way to increase muscle strength, conditioning and tone.

Where can I sign up?

If you want to give a trampolining a go you can buy one. They range in prices and sizing. But you must be careful as accident can happen. Falling off may result in an impact injury and a miss-timed jump could cause muscle sprains and tears. Your body may also not be ready for such a routine, which again, could cause discomfort.

Providing you have a trampoline individual insurance policy, if an accident does happen you have the right to claim compensation.

However, our top advice is to go to a specific trampoline class. They are great fun, and are supervised by trained professionals. You can find a list of trampoline clubs in the UK here:

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