The 7 Best Lifting Straps In 2021

If you’re a bodybuilder or avid gym-goer, sooner or later you’ll hit a wall with your lifting. You’ll find yourself attempting to lift more than your wrists and grip will allow – and that’s where weightlifting straps come in.

As you’ll know, fear of your grip slipping is distracting and can hold you back when lifting. But lifting straps give you the confidence to perform exercises with heavy weights as they secure themselves to the bar when you perform a repetition.

However, there are quite a few options to choose from, so we put together this article on the best lifting straps on the market.

1. IronMind Strong Enough Strap

Price: £19.99

The IronMind Strong Enough Lifting Straps were developed in 2000, inspired by a 1999 incident in which Ken Brown’s bog-standard lifting straps snapped during the World’s Strongest Man competition.

The team at IronMind decided such a mishap was unacceptable and set about creating a lifting strap that would not snap. Ken Brown then broke the world record in the Silver Dollar Deadlift using the IronMind Strong Enough Straps.

Now, the Strong Enough Straps are the most used lifting strap by the World’s Strongest Man contenders. Beyond this, they’re considered to be the best general-purpose lifting strap not only in the IronMind range but on the market as a whole.

They come in blue and are 21.25” long, 1.5” wide, and made from nylon with an industrial strength sewn loop.

2. Harbinger Cotton Padded Lifting Strap

Price: £8.99

The Harbinger Cotton Padded Lifting Straps are among the most reliable, functional, and affordable lifting straps around.

Weightlifters will appreciate the padded wrists that prevent the straps from digging into the skin. Similarly, the length of the strap (20.5” long and 1.5” wide) provides a strong wrap on the bar so you can lift with confidence.

These straps come in black with red logo detailing on the wrists, with merrowed end tabs to prevent fraying.

3. Beast Gear Weight Lifting Straps

Price: £9.97

The Beast Gear Weight Lifting Straps feature extra-thick neoprene padding around the wrists to prevent discomfort and chafing while you lift. The straps themselves are also made of premium cotton and manufactured using advanced stitching techniques to make the Beast Gear straps the strongest they can be.

Not only this, but Beast Gear Weight Lifting Straps are 22.5” long and 1.5” wide. This added length improves grip on the bar. However, Beast Gear has gone one step further than that and added gel grip to the straps to lock in the strap when in use. This feature prevents slippages and giving you the purchase to lift to your highest potential.

They come in black with white logo detailing on the wrist and red studded detail and logo on the strap length. They’re a great looking strap, but more importantly, they do the job.

4. Cerberus Elite Figure 8 Lifting Straps

Price: £22.99

The Cerberus Elite Figure 8 Lifting Straps are a different type of weightlifting strap to those that we’ve encountered in this article so far. There are actually several different styles of lifting strap, each with their benefits and disadvantages. For more information on lifting strap styles, check out this Men’s Health article.

As their name suggests, the Cerberus Elite Figure 8 Lifting Straps are shaped in a figure of eight, meaning their centres are reinforced and sewn together. These straps are favoured by deadlifters at the World Deadlift Championships and are rated to 600kg – more than the current world record.

Made of super heavy-duty cotton, the Cerberus Elite Figure 8 Lifting Straps are designed for durability and heavy lifting. A game-changing touch is that they’re available in four sizes to ensure a perfect fit, which isn’t common amongst lifting straps. They come in black with red stitch detailing as well as a 1-year warranty against splitting or tearing, making their steeper price a worthy investment.

5. Bear Grip Premium Lifting Straps

Price: £6.99

Bear Grip is a UK company with over 25 years of fitness industry experience and prides itself on producing great value products with great customer care.

It’s no surprise, then, that Bear Grip Premium Lifting Straps are all about affordability without sacrificing quality. They’re made of heavy-duty cotton with industrial grade stitching for longer-lasting durability and feature a neoprene padded wrist guard for comfort. These straps also feature rubber logo detail across the strap’s length to increase grip on the bar.

Bear Grip Premium Lifting Straps are 21” long and come in various colours and patterns, including blue, pink, khaki, camouflage, and all-black.

6. Rip Toned Padded Weight Lifting Straps

Price: £8.97

The Rip Toned Padded Weight Lifting Straps are 23.25” long strap and 1.5” thick. That extra length gives you one more wrap around the bar so you have the confidence to lift with all you can give. They even come with a handy snap pouch, so you won’t lose them.

Of course, they’re also made with the industrial-grade materials that have become standard for weightlifting straps. If you needed any more convincing, they even come with a Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Rip Toned’s ethos is to make products that are easy to use, accessible to everyone, environmentally friendly and trusted. Given the reasonable price and durability of its Padded Weight Lifting Straps, it’s fair to say the company has succeeded in that.

The straps come in various colours and patterns, most of which retain the black base colour with a dual stripe detail in orange, blue, pink, green, and more. There are even camouflage patterns in white, pink, and green – and, of course, solid pink, as seen in the video above.

7. Dark Iron Fitness Lifting Straps

Price: £25.58

Dark Iron claims that its Fitness Lifting Straps will allow you to lift up to 400lbs or more with no chafing or discomfort, which is a pretty impressive feat.

The confidence doesn’t stop there though, as Dark Iron’s lifting straps come with a lifetime warranty against damage – and a Money Back Guarantee. Dark Iron is evidently committed to creating a reliable and fit for purpose lifting strap.

The Dark Iron Fitness Lifting Straps are 18” long and 1.5” thick, which should wrap around a barbell three times. They’re also available with either 3mm or 2mm thickness and come in black with red reinforced stitching and logo detailing on the wrist.

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