7 tips for retaining your personal training clients

Trying to find new clients can be extremely difficult, but instead of focusing on bringing in new business all the time, you need to make sure you’re putting a lot of time and effort into retaining your current PT clients – after all, these are the people who are going to refer you to a friend and keep you in business.

If you’re waking up in the morning and looking at your schedule only to find that more and more of your clients are dropping off, you need to make a change – and fast. So how do you maximise your retention rates and turn those clients from once a month to once a day relationships?

Here are 7 tips to help you retain your personal training clients.

  1. Always use their name

Frequently using someone’s name establishes that you are invested in them personally. Using someone’s name in a conversation means you are creating an individual message and goes a long way to motive them. A simple but effective trick you should use in conversations and when you’re shouting at them to push that bicep curl one more time.

  1. Be excited

We don’t mean jumping around like a puppy or talking so much that you look like you’ve taken too much pre-workout. We mean being excited about training with the person and their progress. Positive vibes create more positive vibes. Chances are you’re going to have to act as a therapist on many occasions with your clients, so turn negatives into positives and create an exciting atmosphere for them. It’s a good chance they’re going to be unhappy about their current physical health, so create excitement about making a change with them.

  1. Know your stuff

Make sure you know how best to get results for your clients and use that knowledge to help them. Have they heard about a new weight loss regime or training program? You need to be all over that with your critique and let them know what you’re planning for them is safer and gets better results. Be the go-to expert in your field not just in the gym, but online as well. Start a blog and talk about the best way to achieve results and critique the fads out there. Chances are when someone pays a compliment to your client they’ll refer that person to your blog or social media page so it pays off to make sure you’re seen as a good knowledge base.

  1. Talk about the future

You should be planning your client’s journey for them over a 4-6 week period or even further. Say things like “In 4 weeks we’ll be adding extra weight to your squat rack to get better results” or “In 4 weeks’ time we’ll be changing your diet to accommodate your weight loss goals more aggressively”. Planning ahead sets goals for your clients and lets them know they need you to help them achieve those goals.

  1. Find out why your client wants to improve

This sounds simple, but discovering exactly why your client has come to you for advice is vital to creating that all important relationship. For example, your client may struggle to build muscle on their legs or struggle to lose weight in general. You won’t know how to help them achieve their goals until you A. ask them what they want to achieve and B. discuss their past efforts. Only then can you really understand how to help people achieve their fitness goals. If you have a lot of clients it’s easy to try a one-size-fits-all approach but the truth is; that won’t work. No results= lack of retention.

  1. Track results

Your clients will be keeping tabs on how they are improving, but you need to be all over it. Make sure you’re keeping lists and documents tracking their progress so you can show them how well they’re improving a few weeks down the line.

  1. Keep in contact with your clients

Any client wants to feel like you are tuned into their progress, so keeping in constant contact really helps build a strong relationship and lets them know that you care. Go easy on the “how is the dog feeling” texts, but send them an email or text every now and then to let them know that you’re pumped for the next session or to offer good advice on some new supplements that may help them. In addition, being available when they text you really helps strengthen retention rates as they now have access to advice when you aren’t around.

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