5 things you shouldn’t do as a Personal Trainer

As a Personal Trainer, your job is much more than just helping someone lose weight. You’re a confidant, a friend, a motivator, a disciplinarian, even a shoulder a to cry on. Your job is to help people with their goals and provide support no matter how bad your day has been.

Remember, your clients are paying for your services and you have to deliver, every time. And providing you do, everybody wins. Your client wins as their fitness goes from strength to strength and their weight tumbles. And you win, as you see your client reach their goals. What’s more, your client is far more likely to recommend you to a friend. And as your network expands, so does your reputation and work.

Every Personal Trainer must go above and beyond to help – you are trying to win their services.

There are many things you can do to get the most out of your clients. But instead, let’s go through five things you definitely shouldn’t do as a Personal Trainer, which may put off a client so much that they never return.

Don’t focus on their money

There is nothing worse than a Personal Trainer who is more interested in the contents of a client’s wallet. Nothing will frighten a client off more than a Personal Trainer who is more concerned about being paid. Have trust in your client and your skills. If you’re good enough – which you are – the money will take care of itself.

Don’t intimidate

Nobody likes an arrogant show off. You’re there to help, not to make to make your client feel inferior. Remember, they’ve come to you because they are not happy with the way they feel or perhaps look. You are their to change that.

Don’t talk about yourself

As much as your client may look interested in your ‘funny’ anecdote, they’d much rather you focus your attention on them. Of course, it’s important to build up a rapport and this comes from conversation. But try and keep it focused or at least relative.

Don’t stop

You can never do too much for your client. And while there is a fine line between being helpful and becoming a pest, a client would much rather receive an email or a text asking about their week’s progress than nothing at all. Keeping in regular contact with your client helps builds a better working relationship.

Don’t stop!

Just because your client has reached their goal, doesn’t mean your job is done. What’s next? Are they happy? Do they have a new target that they want to achieve? If so, can you help? It’s these questions that you need to ask, which develop trust and enhance your reputation.




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