5 reasons why smoothies are great for your health

Smoothies have seen a sudden rise in popularity over the past few years. At the end of 2013, retailer John Lewis recorded a 93 per cent rise in sales of what they describe as ‘health inspired’ kitchen appliances. These figures are continuing to rise.

Now, in 2015, more and more people are heading for the smoothie maker rather than the coffee counter for their usual mid-morning cappuccino, latte or espresso.

There are a number of reasons for this sudden boom. Government healthy eating campaigns have made the public more aware about the dangers of obesity and processed foods. The world has also become a busier place, and many find it difficult to fit in breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat at least five fruit and vegetables a day. Smoothies are quick and easy to make, perfect for those who are always on the go. But there are health benefits to be had too. Here are five reasons why smoothies are great for your health.

Never skip a meal

Skipping meals is bad for your health and may actually lead to weight gain.

Many people will often skip their breakfast and end up snacking throughout the morning. This leads to fluctuating blood sugar levels, resulting in sudden urges in energy followed by inevitable crashes. It’s important to eat meals at regular intervals. Skipping and snacking could lead to weight gain, as you eat highly calorific foods that will only briefly fill you up. Smoothies are a great way to keep on top of your hunger pangs and minimise snacking.

Keep energised for longer

All carbohydrate foods are rated on how quickly they release sugar into the bloodstream. Those with a high GI score will provide a sudden urge in energy. But it will only last fleetingly and an hour or so later, you may feel lethargic and hungry once again. Adding foods to your smoothies such as low fat yoghurt – a low GI food – will provide energy over several hours, keeping you fuller for longer.

Eat more fruit

According to the NHS, one should eat at least five portions of fresh fruit a day. Fruit contains many nutrients, minerals and vitamins, which are vital for health and maintenance of your body. However, many fail to eat enough. Smoothies are a great way to get your entire daily fruit fix in one hit.

No need to hide away from vegetables  

Not everyone likes the taste of certain vegetables. But they are important to one’s health, helping build a healthy immune system and fight off disease. If you struggle to eat at least five portions of vegetables a day or perhaps you don’t like the taste of a piece of broccoli, then chuck them into your smoothie. The majority of vegetables can be hidden within fruit smoothies, so you can get the health benefits and not have to worry about the ‘acquired’ taste.

Increase your fibre intake

Fibre is an important part of your diet. The soluble fibre found in fruit and vegetables helps slow digestion. Research also states that it may help control blood sugar and lower cholesterol. According to figures, the recommended fibre intake for adults is 18g per day. But most people in the UK fail to eat enough. In fact, figures state that the average intake for women is just 13g and 14g for men. Just one serving of fruit contains roughly two to four grams of fibre. Certain fruits such as blueberries and pears contain five to seven grams of fibre per serving.

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