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Specialist Amateur Boxing Insurance

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Why choose our specialist boxing insurance?

As an enduring favourite among both competitors and spectators, boxing is perhaps the world’s most popular combat sport. The history of the game is littered with legendary names and unforgettable bouts, but its very nature means it is fraught with risks. Here at Insure4Sport, we offer specialist sports cover for amateur boxing coaches and participants, as even the most experienced could sustain serious injury no matter how many precautions are taken.

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Why do amateur boxing coaches need insurance?

Insure4Sport offer tailor-made policies for boxing instructors and coaches. With our specialist policies, you can be sure that whenever you and your fighters enter the ring, both you and your equipment are covered. As a boxing coach, you will no doubt understand the responsibility you have for your boxers and how important it is to develop specific schedules to meet the needs of those you’re training. However, even with the best intentions, injuries can still happen - particularly in the boxing ring, and therefore it’s so important to make sure you’re protected against the risks that come with the sport.

Take a look at the following examples of why every boxing coach should have specialist insurance:
  • A student damages equipment during a session at a venue you are using.
  • A specific action you teach is brought into question if a student suffers an injury resulting from your advice or instruction.
  • You injure yourself during a session which means you can’t work (and earn) for a period of time.
  • You injure yourself during a session and require physio treatment.
  • Your sports equipment needed to teach is damaged, lost or stolen.
  • One of your employees seriously injures themselves during a coaching drill and claims compensation from you.

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Why do amateur boxers need insurance?

Boxing is a competitive, adrenaline pumping sport that carries a significant amount of risk, which is why it’s so important for amateur boxers to get the protection they need to focus on the game. Accidents can happen and personal injuries are easily sustained, but with an Insure4Sport insurance policy, you can get Personal Accident cover plus Loss of Earnings which will cover you for loss of income as a result of injuries sustained.

Take a look at the following examples of why every amateur boxer should have specialist insurance:
  • You injure yourself during a session and require physio treatment.
  • You suffer an injury during a session which means you can’t work and earn for a period of time.
  • Your sports equipment is damaged, lost or stolen.
  • You accidentally injure another participant during a session and they decide to take legal action against you.

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What is multi-sports cover?

We insure over 200 sports and activities, ranging from football and martial arts to aerial hoop dancing and zumba, and all of them fall into one of five risk groups. If you play or coach more than one sport or activity, and they fall within the same risk group or a lower risk group, then you’ll be insured to play or coach them on the same policy at no extra cost. Coaches and instructors must have the necessary qualifications recognised by the UK National Sport Governing Body, or otherwise agreed and recorded by us.

Need a bit more information? View our Insurance Scope for further details on which risk group your sports fit into.
Graph showing that the higher your sport's level of risk is, the more sports you're covered to coach and play

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