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As a Personal Trainer you have a duty of care to your clients. You need to provide training and bespoke plans, helping them to get fit but also giving them advice on doing so in a safe manner. Accidents can and do happen; insure4sport is here to offer the most comprehensive personal trainer insurance and to ensure that you and any classes you take or any equipment you use are covered. Read more

Fitness & Dance Class Instructors provide tuition for each member of their class. They have a duty of care to every member to make sure that moves are executed correctly and the advice given is correct, all within a safe environment. Accidents do happen; insure4sport offers Public Liability insurance of up to £10m with £1m Professional Indemnity included. We can also cover you for Personal Accident as well as your Sports Equipment. Read more

We provide specialist cover for those taking part in fitness and dance classes. With the energy and intensity levels high in many of these classes’ accidents can happen. Our Personal Accident cover includes physiotherapy, hospitalisation and broken bone cover as well as offering Loss of Earnings, Sports Equipment and Employers Liability. Read more

Overview & Pricing Overview & Pricing Why do I need Insurance? Why do I need Insurance? FAQs FAQs Example Policy Schedule Example Policy Schedule Multi Sport CoverMulti Sports Cover

We provide specialist cover for amateur sports people and fitness enthusiasts, with over 200 of the most popular sports and fitness activities covered from aerobics to football to water skiing. insure4sport player insurance covers you for a range of different sports and activities not just your primary sport. Read more

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Cricket Insurance

Specialist sports insurance cover for:
Cricket Coaches & Instructors , Cricket Teams & Cricket Players

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Cricket is a fast and fun game but it can be the cause of some serious injuries. It is therefore essential if you are a coach, run a team or are an amateur cricketer, that you make sure you are adequately protected. insure4sport is here to offer all coaches, teams and individuals specialised cricket insurance policies to suit the needs of the modern-day game.

Cricket as a game has changed massively in recent years - players are much fitter and stronger and the game is taken much more seriously. Cricket bats are also getting much bigger - the technology that has come into bat making in the last 10 to 15 years is magnificent - but with this comes the increased risk of injury when fielding as the ball comes at you much faster.

Common Cricketing Injuries

The most common injuries in cricket tend to happen to bowlers, with bowling causing a lot of stress on certain parts of your body. Due to its repetitive action it is the knees, back and ankles that suffer the most. In addition cricket pitches are usually very hard, especially towards the end of summer when the sun has hopefully been shining consistently! A long run up to the crease on a very hard pitch also places a lot of stress on your ankles,which can easily twist or roll over with painful outcomes.

Lower back pain is particularly common among younger fast bowlers. The repetitive action of bowling for long spells places excessive stress on the tissues of the lower back, where stress fractures of the vertebra can develop.

The best way to prevent these types of injuries is to warm up thoroughly before every game and as a bowler before every spell. When we consider the explosive types of movements a cricketer generally undertakes, a good warm up can be the vital difference between a safe and pain-free match, and a few weeks on the sideline with a muscle tear orworse.

Batsmen must also warm up thoroughly, not only to aid performance but to prevent injuries. When batting you use more muscles than you would expect, as the majority of cricket shots use your whole body. As a batsman, your shoulders and sides are the primary areas of your body that require warming up, as shoulder pain and side strains usually come from the big movements of striking the ball.

Other quite common injuries tend to occur when fielding, as the ball arrives very quickly. A bowler at amateur level can bowl anywhere from 50mph – 85mph and once the ball is hit off the bat it can very easily grow in pace, meaning fingers and hands are very easily damaged.

With so much to go wrong, it is essential that you are properly covered with a cricket insurance policy.

Why choose our cricket insurance?

At insure4sport, we know that sportsmen and women have more than onestring to their bow, which is why we have multi sports cover. Cricket is a category B sport, along with golf, football and hockey, so a cricket insurance policy will also ensure you will be insured whilst taking part in any other category B sport.

For the full list of category B sports view our multi sports insurance page.

We also have some great value additional extras available on each policy, including cover for the loss of earnings. For example, if you were to injure yourself playing cricket which left you unfit to work, we can offer an allowance of up to £750 per week to keep you on track until you're fit and ready to get back on your feet.