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Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors and Sports Coaches are always looking for new ways to earn money and train their clients. That's why more and more are taking their services online as well as offering face to face classes.

We’ve partnered with partnered with My PT Hub, the UK's leading online and mobile web app for Personal Trainers to make sure that starting out online isn’t a daunting prospect. Their app not only helps you create, manage and track all your clients' fitness programmes online, it also helps you deliver home workouts remotely via video. Giving you the opportunity to not only maintain your current client base but expand your business and take on clients you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

Thanks to our partnership with My PT Hub we can bring you this exclusive offer as an Insure4Sport policyholder:

40% off

a monthly Premium subscription – first 3 months

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You take out an Insure4Sport policy or renew your existing policy

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Don't forget! With Insure4Sport you'll be covered for online sessions so you can train up to 30 people in live or recorded sessions if the ratio on your insurance scope is unlimited. And you can now save 25% off an Insure4Sport policy, so get insured today and take your fitness business to the next level.

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About mypthub

My PT Hub is an online web and mobile app, enabling 80,000 personal trainers, coaches and gym owners to manage 2.3m clients. Their software is built with fitness businesses in mind, with unlimited workouts, nutrition plans as well as other features such as online programmes, customised branding, workout feedback, clients notes and much, much more.

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