5 sure fire ways to lose your personal training clients

Keeping hold of your personal training clients is a task in itself, of course your focus is on helping them achieve their goals, but you should always keep one eye on ensuring that you’re doing everything you can to make sure they come back the next day, right? WRONG!

Let’s face it, you’ve got far too many clients and you really need a day off, so let’s jettison those clients quickly so we can start hanging out with your mates on the weekend rather than having to listen to Steve whine on about how his pants don’t fit anymore! Here’s 5 sure fire ways to help you lose clients – and fast.

1. Use your phone constantly

You really don’t want to listen to Heather go on about how her cat has run away again, or how Tom’s weight loss isn’t going so well. So whilst they’re training away on the squat rack, just take a few moments for yourself and look at Facebook or Instagram – literally anything you can to give your clients the impression you’re not bothered. Monday’s a free day now – huzzah!

2. Pile those weights on

Remember everything you’ve been taught about keeping your clients safe? Well, just forget about that and pile those weights on. Let’s see 70yr old Margery try and bicep curl 55 KG dumbbells. Yeah, didn’t think so. She probably won’t be back after she’s popped her elbow out and that means you can have Tuesday mornings off again! Winner.

3. Forget their names

You’re a busy person! You‘ve got clients knocking your door down for the opportunity to work with you. You don’t have time to remember these people! So don’t bother. Who cares if Terry, or is it Dave (?) has questions about their diet. You don’t need to care as you want rid them anyway. For fun, just start making up names on the fly – it’ll help your day go faster and put them off coming back to you. Well, there’s Wednesdays freed up again!

4. Turn up late

Just watch Jeremy Kyle a little longer, Denise can wait. Plus you’re not about to walk out now – you need to know if that guy is the father of that little boy! You want Thursdays off anyway, and Denise knows how to lift weights on her own, she won’t mind if you’re half an hour late. Just text her and tell her to get started on her own.

5. Don’t worry about what your client is eating

Diet plan shmiet plan! Diet means absolutely nothing anyway, so just tell them to eat whatever they want. Hey, your clients might not lose weight or achieve their goals but at least they’re paying you every week right? Besides, you want Friday’s off!

So there you have it, 5 easy ways to free up your week! You’ve easily alienated your clients and showed them that you really don’t care about their well-being and now you can do whatever you want with your week. Besides, you don’t need to be nice to clients to get them to keep coming back right? …oh wait!

Have you got a horror story about your personal training experience? Had a client from hell? Comment below and let us know.


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